After Only Three Months at Genie Academy, Student Rises to Top 4 In Class

A+ Student Following a Year of  Struggles


Before attending Genie Academy, Aarna was an average student. She would earn decent scores on her reading report card, and her writing needed work. Mom mentions one story that Aarna wrote about their family trip to Disney World. In her story, Aarna was unable to form coherent sentences and wrote the story all out of order. She lacked a vast vocabulary and her grammar needed work.

During a recent parent-teacher conference with Aarna’s teacher at school, the teacher asked if Aarna was involved with any outside tutoring. She couldn’t believe how quickly she improved and was pleasantly surprised by how much content Aarna could produce in a short amount of time. Aarna’s teacher commented that she writes long paragraphs that make sense. Aarna’s mom thanks Genie Academy and teacher Ms. Susie for her daughter’s continuous improvement.


A+ Student

Currently, Aarna has an A+ in every single subject- social studies, science, reading, and math. Throughout this entire academic year, Aarna has received a 100% on almost every single reading examination. Mom says that since starting Genie Academy, everything has changed as her reading comprehension has become easier, vocabulary has increased, and she's able to process her thoughts more easily. Aarna is also far more confident than she has ever been, and other subjects have become easier, too.

Aarna’s mom was recommended Genie Academy by a friend and when she first started out, she didn’t know what to expect. Now, mom and Aarna love it, and mom says, “I can see the difference.” And now her favorite part about Genie Academy is that Aarna looks forward to class each week, excited to spend time writing alongside her classmates. Also, she is confident that Aarna will continue to improve.

Words from Aarna’s Genie Academy Teacher- Ms. Susie

“Aarna is an absolute joy to teach. She is always on time, happy to see me, and ready to give me her best writing ever. Sometimes, we will have competitions during the writing portion of class to see who can have the highest word count (after edits). Aarna has won a couple of times, and while this is fantastic, she is actually one of the younger students in the class, which makes it even more impressive. Aarna never fails to amaze me with her imagination to come up with thrilling, informative, descriptive, and even silly stories. I am so proud of her for this accomplishment and I am enjoying every minute of our academic journey together.” - Ms. Susie


A Writing Sample from Aarna's Reading Genie class

Aarna's Prompt, Grade 2 from Genie Academy class on 3/26/21


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