Kindergartner gets accepted into Woodbridge NJ's Gifted and Talented Program

    Vir Mehta resizedKindergartner and Abacus Math student Vir got accepted into the Gifted and Talented program after taking the COGAT test. At age 6, Vir passed it with flying colors even though the test was done online and ran for almost 2 hours. His mom, Crima, shares how Genie Academy helped him mature both mentally and behaviorally.

    6-year-old Vir loves learning and challenging work. In fact, he’s already reading science books and the atlas at 4 years old. Brimming with potential, Crima knew she had to channel her kid’s thirst for knowledge into programs that would benefit him and his studies. She also wanted Vir to excel like his sister, Pearl, did. 

    Vir’s big sister, Pearl, is a longtime student of Genie Academy. She also got into the gifted and talented program at the tender age of 5 and the program for the exceptionally gifted and talented. On top of this, she is now skipping sixth grade and going straight to seventh. Seeing how Genie Academy’s Abacus Math and Core Curriculum programs helped Pearl, Crima enrolled Vir in the same classes.

    What attracted her to Genie Academy is the fun and engaging atmosphere for kids. “I searched a lot of Abacus classes and I felt that Genie [Academy] was right for my kids. The kind of environment Genie creates makes learning fun…the colorful classroom and workbooks. It appeals to kids.” 

    After Vir joined the programs, Crima saw growth in his cognitive abilities, especially in mental calculations and critical thinking. “He loves the core curriculum of Genie Academy and working with his coach, Mr Kamran,” Crima shares. He also enjoys Genie Academy’s fun atmosphere and contributes his ideas often because of the small class size. “This kind of environment, he takes it with him when he goes to school.”

    Indeed, this engaging environment, coupled with Vir’s love for learning, helped him mature not only academically but also behaviorally. His reading is now 2 levels above his grade while his math is one grade level above. Vir’s teachers also commend him for being mature for his age. While kindergartners tend to get distracted easily, Vir would listen attentively and follow instructions. He always likes to share his knowledge and ideas to help his classmates, too.  Even though the COGAT test was online and ran for almost two hours, he patiently answered more than a hundred questions. He’s also a well-rounded kid – playing swimming, taekwondo, and soccer, and doing religious studies every Sunday.

    Crima thanks Genie Academy for helping Vir excel at an early age, both mentally and emotionally. “Whatever Genie Academy is doing has been great. What he has learned helped him advance and go a long way.” She also credits the academy for having a well-rounded program for Math, which not only includes material for the grade level but critical thinking components as well. “When it comes to Abacus Math, it has helped them with their mental capacity and in calculating much faster than their peers.” 

    Thanks to Crima’s early intervention, Vir has the foundation to succeed not only in school but also in life. We have no doubt the G&T program is only Vir’s beginning for greater things ahead!

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