April Writing Competition Winners at Genie Academy

Posted by Susie Pinon on May 05, 2021


This past April, we ran a reading competition for our online reading and writing students at Genie Academy. Students from all over the United States were able to participate in the contest in our virtual classes. There was one winner selected for each grade level, with multiple teachers as anonymous judges for things like punctuation, grammar, sticking to the topic, and sentence structure. The students were timed at 40 minutes to complete their writing. We are very proud of our students and the hard work of all of our teachers. Even through a pandemic, our Genie Academy students never fail to amaze us with their continued excellence!



1st Grade: Sevina 

2nd Grade: Aanya N

3rd Grade: Gio 

4th Grade: Sahas

5th Grade: Nysa

6th Grade: Pratham

We had the winners read their stories out loud as we secretly recorded their reactions when we told them they had won first place. Watch the video here! We are so proud of them!

Stay tuned for future contests in both math and reading.

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