Is your child suffering from Covid Learning Loss. How to fix it?

Posted by Mohit S. Jain on December 23, 2022



Covid learning loss is real.


Experts estimate that most kids will lose $17 Trillion in lifetime earning loss. They are 2-3 Grade Level behind and many kids have lost 10-20 IQ points. That's a huge loss. However if you act now there may still be time to prevent this for your child. First you need to know what are the Missing Bricks in your child's understanding. Once you find that out. You must immediately fill those bricks before they start working on their Grade Level concepts. If you dont fix the missing bricks now their understanding of Core concepts will forever be shaky. Genie Academy had devised an assessment that can very quickly find your child's missing bricks. Once they are identified we can create a customized learning plan which can fix those missing bricks quickly so that your child can be on track as soon as possible. There is no instant fix. But doing nothing won't help anything. 

What To Do Next…

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  • If your child is learning at the appropriate age level.
  • Your child’s strengths and where they need additional help.
  • If your child has an affinity for a particular subject, they may excel in.
  • Our professional recommendations and learning strategy for your child.
  • And much more…

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