How Your Child can Use the Internet Productively

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on March 05, 2019

    How to make the most of your computer at homeThe world of the internet is vast, and it grows more and more by the day. In order for your child to keep up, they need to know how to use the internet successfully, or else they might fall behind in school or work.

    Online Research

    The first thing you can do to help your child productively use the internet is to teach them how to conduct online research. Many classes require children to write papers and learn how to gather information online, so the ability to effectively use search engines is an imperative skill for children to learn. When you teach them to research effectively, the internet can be used as a learning tool for children to gather information about topics that interest them, and online research can help them hone skills and hobbies through guides and tutorials.

    Educational Games

    Another way you can encourage productive use of time for children using the internet is to show them where to play online educational games. Countless games exist to help children in school, which can make learning fun for children by disguising it as entertainment. A few types of educational games for children include:

    If there are any concepts your child is struggling with in school, try searching online for a game that can increase their skill with that concept. By giving them a way to practice that isn't as tedious for them as doing extra homework, you may be increasing the ease in which they come to understand the new material.

    Develop Computer Literacy

    Regardless of what a child does on the computer, they are learning perhaps the most valuable thing they can: Computer literacy. The ability to fluently use a computer is a critical skill for children of any age, as the usage of computers in school and in the workplace increases by the day.

    When your child uses the computer, even if it's recreationally, they learn how to use the internet in a way that meets their needs, and that can help them tremendously when the time comes to employ internet usage skills towards another goal. Mastery of internet use is a skill that can serve children into adulthood, no matter what profession they turn to.

    Help Your Child Use the Internet With Genie Academy

    If your child needs to develop internet usage skills, help them learn by signing them up for Genie Academy, an after-school education program that teaches computer use, programming, internet skills, and other computer skills to set your child ahead.


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