Five Ways to Make Remote Learning More Effective for Your Child

Posted by Anthony Yoo on August 18, 2020


With more schools choosing to stay closed due to COVID-19, students must continue to adapt to virtual learning for the new school year. Remote learning proved to be a difficult adjustment for many younger students.

Here are 5 ways to help them make the most out of online learning this fall. 

Look Over the School's Plan For Online Learning

Help your child be prepared for the school year by reading over the school plan for online learning. This will let you know what to expect, and you can mention to your child what they should expect for the fall semester.

Have a schedule and stick with it

It is important to set a routine and schedule for your child to do their work. It is important to make sure your child is paying attention and learning along with other students in their online class. Be sure to set some time outside of school hours for your child to get their homework and other supplementary instruction completed.

Have A Dedicated Learning Area

Creating a dedicated learning area can help your student focus better on school and have a more positive online learning experience. You will want to set your child up in a section of the house with minimal distractions. Make sure they are setup in an area with reliable internet connection. 

Help Them Stay Organized

Make sure your child's remote learning area is organized to help them make the most of their time online. Show them what an organized work area looks like and check in with them from time to time to make sure it stays this way. If you lead by example and keep your own workspace organized, your child is more likely to follow suit.

Encourage Your Child to Participate

Encouraging your child to participate in virtual classroom activities ensures that they are paying attention while their teacher is instructing and leading classroom activities. You can also set up a reward system for your child to further encourage them to participate. This can be a sticker chart, extra free time, extra time on the iPad, or whatever else they enjoy doing.

Since switching over to online instruction, our students haven't missed a beat. The reviews have been positive and many parents credit Genie Academy with keeping their child motivated and engaged during their online classes. Sign up for a free class and see for yourself.

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