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7 effective study habits of MIT students

7 Effective Study Habits Your Child Can Learn from MIT Students

Learn the top study habits from MIT students that can transform your child's academic journey, balancing work and play for effective learning.

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How to Stop Homework Tantrums

End your child's homework tantrums now. Establish a consistent schedule, make homework enjoyable with routines, and use consequences, not punishments.

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Five Ways to Help Your Child With Their Homework

For children, homework is a daily battle. You can help your child stay on top of their homework by planning with them and finding ways to motivate them.

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Five Ways to Make Remote Learning More Effective for Your Child

Students had difficulty adjusting to remote learning when schools closed last March. Learn about ways to make remote learning more effective for your child

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How much homework is too much for your child?

Can too much homework be detrimental to your child? By optimizing your child's homework time, you can make sure they make the most of their learning.

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Worry COVID-19 Will Affect Child's Education? Join Genie Academy

As COVID-19 brings schools to a standstill, and raises questions of how and what our children will learn, Math Genie is here with its new online solution!

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Teach Empathy to Your Child Through Story Characters

As a parent, you want your child to learn empathy. Books can be an excellent tool to develop the skill and practice of empathetic living!

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How to Teach Your Child Multiplication

Don't let difficulties with multiplication keep your child from dividing further. Follow our simple guide to give your kid essential math skills at home.

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How to Teach Your Child Word Problems

Simplify word problems for your child! Equip your child with the skills they need for success – start mastering word problems together today!

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How to Balance Work and Play in Your Child's Schedule

Struggling to balance school and playtime? Check out these tips on how to better organize your child's schedule. Click here to make every moment count!

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