How to Get Your Child to Stay Focused during online classes.

    Posted by Kaitlin Card on April 30, 2020


    Some parents find it difficult to get their child(ren) to focus while doing online classes. We got you covered. At Math Genie our online classes are going great! Our students are progressing really well. They are able to finish all their classwork and learn new concepts very effectively. 

    So we asked some of our awesome teachers on common questions parents are asking on what they can do to help improve their child’s focus.

    The brain stimulation of a child and their retention of knowledge is the most important focus in attaining a proper education. Differentiated instruction is the tool our educators must use in order to satisfy the needs of each individual child. This means that every child learns differently, so we must teach them differently. For many children, the issue is with maintaining behavior and focus in correlation to the lesson at hand. We play low instrumental music because this allows children to focus better. Music is power! 

    Q & A- Parents and Feedback Given By Our teachers

    Parent #1: “My child thinks since I am mom and not her teacher she thinks she can act however she wants. I am losing my patience. What should I do?”

    Teacher: “When my students lose focus or have behavior issues, I make them stop and do yoga. We do three very simple poses- tree pose, airplane tree pose, and rag doll. These poses make them focus on their balance, which stimulates their brain into high concentration. Deep breathing also works- tell her to inhale and exhale three times with three big, deep breaths. This will allow her to focus on her breathing, which stimulates her brain function and concentration, as well. Meditation works- have her close her eyes and put her head down as you speak to her in calm, soothing tones. Tell her that she is doing a great job but that she has to finish the lesson. Tell her to take a deep breath in (then tell her that’s the positive breath). After, tell her to exhale (this is the negative breath). She will no longer have negativity around and from then on, can only stay positive. There are multiple benefits for children who meditate”

    Parent #2: “My child cannot seem to understand the material she is learning. I have gone over the same numbers with her over and over again. How can I make this easier for her?”

    Teacher: “All children learn differently. They may be an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner. What that means is that if your child is not understanding the material by you repeating yourself, you may need to try a different way of teaching. I usually go with visualization. It helps to have a white board- but if you have a notebook or paper, this can help in the same way. For example, if you are trying to teach Venn Diagrams, you would draw this on the board for them and go step by step to show them exactly where the information goes. If they are kinesthetic, they are more “hands on” with learning. Here at Math Genie, we use an abacus to teach our students the basic principles of adding and subtracting. The student is able to touch the abacus and therefore, can remember the lesson easier. I suggest trying one of those!”

    Parent #3: “My child has really been unmotivated to do their work. I try to bribe them and nothing is working! What do I do?”

    Teacher: “At Math Genie, we have a reward system of stickers. Each student gets 3 stars next to their names. If they do not behave properly, then they do not get stickers awarded to them. The act of putting their stickers on their “Reward Card” allows them to see that they did well. If they do not get stickers, then they will see that they did not do well. It is a give and take. Maybe you should try something like that. This way it is not bribery! It is showing them to take responsibility for their actions. Use the Marshmallow Test found on our website.”

    Tips to Try to Get Your Child to Focus


    Yoga can be performed either in between lessons or during (if necessary). It allows the child to focus on their balance and maintain a zone of complete serenity. 

    Meditation/ Deep Breathing

    Meditation can be performed either in between lessons or during (if necessary). The child will close their eyes and put their heads down. Then, your soothing voice can help the child relax as you encourage them to be positive. When they exhale, they let out all the negative. The deep breathing allows them to focus on their breaths and not their tantrum (or behavioral issue).


    Music is an additional tool in helping your child to stay focused. If you play low instrumental music, such as smooth jazz or classical, your child will use the beats as a means to stay on task. If your child begins to lose concentration, try a one minute dance party!


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