How to Keep Your Child Independent During Remote Learning?

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on September 08, 2020


    By this point most parents have accepted the reality of remote learning. This is, as they say, our new normal. Now the question becomes, “How can we make the most of online learning?”

    One of the dangers of the online learning environment is that children may become too dependent on help from parents. There is a strong temptation to help your child so they can finish their work and everyone can move on with their day. Although there will be times where your child will need help , it is important to avoid overparenting and making your child less self-reliant.

    Let’s look at a few ways you can foster your child’s independence during their remote educational experience:

    Define Help

    If you struggle to see the fine line between helping your child and helping too much, it might be a good idea to talk with their teacher. Find out what type of assistance are appropriate. How much is too much? Your child’s teacher can help you establish boundaries for helping appropriately during remote learning.

    Watch for Warning Signs

    Kids will naturally try to get their work done by doing as little as possible. Watch for increasing requests for help especially on tasks which you know your child is capable of completing. It may take a bit to get acquainted with your child’s learning style but it is important to observe your child so that you can watch out for excessive requests for help.

    If your child becomes legitimately distressed by an assignment they may legitimately need help, but if you are dealing with laziness or whining that needs to be addressed differently.

    Hands Off Activities

    Although all students will eventually need help, you can help your child stay independent by designating certain work times as 100% independent. Explain to your child that they will be on their own for a certain periods of time each day. This will give your child the opportunity to solve their own problems before resorting to you for help. Leave your child alone during this time with the clear understanding that when you return they will have completed their work to the best of their ability.

    What They May Really Want

    Your child has been thrust into an entirely new learning environment. They are away from their friends and regular activities. It is very important that your child feel supported and not alone. If your child is feeling lonely, they may express that with constant requests that you help them with their lessons.

    Before you start helping too much, offer support in other ways. Perhaps you could simply sit beside your child while they work on a difficult lesson. Offer a hug and reassurance before you offer too much “help.”

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