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    The Abacus is the Key to Every Math Problem

    Abacus is the fundamental unit of Math Genie’s success. For students falling behind Common core work, Abacus is there to help. Abacus is what every child needs!


    Mental Math Makes Students Shine

    Using the abacus and becoming a mental abacus expert makes your child excel throughout life. Your child's math anxiety will vanish once they master this abacus math. With mental math taught through the abacus you'll see more confidence in your child in school and life

    Abacus Crushes Anxiety and Makes Math Great

    Abacus Defeats Math Anxiety

    Overcome math anxiety in children using abacus training, a proven method to make math enjoyable and boost confidence in numerical skills.


    What is The Abacus?

    A brief introduction to the abacus, as an ancient counting method and a modern day tool for neurological enhancement!

    ensnuring your child has good quality textbooks could make a big difference in their academic success

    Students Need the Best Textbooks Possible

    Most of us likely experienced the problem of lower-quality textbooks at some point during our education.

    How Early Childhood Math Skills Impact Brain Development

    We all know the importance of math, did you know the math skills that you learn early on in life directly go hand in hand with your brain development?

    Using an Abacus Can Improve Your Child’s Memory and Math Skills

    Has your children been struggling with math? They learn new concepts such as multiplication, but seem to forget everything they have learned the next day?


    Should you limit the time your child spends in front of a screen?

    Limiting a child’s screen time can have a great result on their behavior Christopher Mims a writer for the Wall Street Journal states.

    How a Career at Math Genie Changed My Life

    How a Career at Genie Academy Changed My Life

    I still remember my first day at Math Genie like it was yesterday. Math Genie, the hidden gem I stumbled upon, has grown to become my second home.

    The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

    The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

    Starting from an early age all the way up until children reach college, human beings are exposed to various teachers throughout their lives.

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