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    how to have fun with math

    4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Care About Math

    Are you worried about your child resenting math? It is a very common problem especially once the toys and games associated with preschool and elementary school math go away in middle school and beyond. Why should kids still care about math skills if fun math became hard math? Here's why:

    make math fun in middle school

    Make Math Fun in Middle School

    Math anxiety can really start to become destructive in the middle school years. For a number of different reasons, middle school students have forgotten that math can be fun. It could be the increased challenge or decreased confidence of more complex math but we can still make math fun at any age.

    make math fun for your child

    How to Make Math Fun for Your Child

    Math can be a difficult subject for parents and students. If your child doesn't have a strong foundation in math it can lead to math anxiety and falling behind. Every student has a different learning style and some might not enjoy math right away. Find ways to make math fun for you and your child.

    learn math and learn how to cook!

    Math in the Kitchen - Why Math Skills are Invaluable

    Measurements, conversions and telling time. These are basic math skills that every child needs to know. But there's an easy and fun way to teach your child these skills right at home. Cooking and baking together with your child lets them practice essential math skills and learn a new life skill too!


    All About Fractions (Part 1)

    "For a 5th Grader, fractions can be scarier than the bogeyman! However, Math Genie will break complex problems into simple ideas, making them easier to understand. "

    Learn Fun ways to keep your child interested in Math!

    How to Have Fun With Math and Common Core for Every Student

    We need to keep up the math fun even after school work is done. This way math isn’t a chore or a hassle but an awesome part of everything we do.

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