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    Grandmother and granddaughter reading in bed for reading comprehension

    Help, My Child Can't Comprehend New Words!

    Help your child improve their reading comprehension by teaching them to build their vocabulary through a daily reading practice

    sixteen-eighths minus 3 eighths = 13 eighths

    All About Fractions (Part 2)

    A brief introduction to mixed fractions and improper fractions. Includes pictorial representations and example problems

    child multiplying

    How to Teach Your Child Multiplication

    Don't let difficulties with multiplication keep your child from dividing further. Follow our simple guide to give your kid essential math skills at home.

    how to understand word problems

    How to Teach Your Child Word Problems

    Simplify word problems for your child! Equip your child with the skills they need for success – start mastering word problems together today!

    teach your child how to  write a 5 paragraph essay

    The 5 Steps to Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

    A lot of parents struggle with five paragraph essays. Sure you know what it is supposed to look like but how do you teach your child how to write one? This breaks down the five steps from introduction to conclusion. Understanding these steps will have your child writing like a pro in no time!

    How can you help your child with his homework?

    What's Wrong with Common Core?

    The new Common Core standards are causing problems for students. Such as abstract math. With Math Genie’s personal approach, success is just around the corner!

    The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

    The proper way to hold a pencil is a skill set that follows a child all through life, it is extremely important that it is taught correctly at a young age, while their muscles are still developing

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