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At What Age Should Your Child Master Number Writing & Recognition?

Number writing is a crucial milestone for early academic success. Find out when this skill starts developing so you can optimize your child's growth.

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Why poor math skills lead to a poor life...

Teachers are always asked if the math they teach can be used in real life. Find out what could happen in the life of someone without any math skills!

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45 Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering First Grade

Prepare for an exciting school year! Wondering if your child is ready for first grade? Ensure they know their numbers and letters to avoid falling behind.

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All About Fractions (Part 2)

A brief introduction to mixed fractions and improper fractions. Includes pictorial representations and example problems

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New Age Manufacturing & the Importance of Mathematics

growing number of job opportunities in manufacturing and production fields require basic math skills or math, science, physics refresher courses

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Why Should Children Be Taught to Learn By Hand?

Benefits Cursive Brain Development Reading Writing Mathematics Modern Education Screen Time Learning Habits Better Studying Children Child Math Genie

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Can Your Child Recognize Numbers?

Playing and learning have never been easier! With Genie Academy, you can teach your child numbers that can also be an enjoyable experience for you. Start today?

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The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

Holding a pencil correctly is a lifelong skill for children. It is important that it is taught at a young age, while their muscles are still developing.

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