What is a Writing Prompt?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on January 01, 2022

    Whether your child is a great writer or is struggling, there will be a time where they have more expectations for their writing skills. They have to write in complete sentences on a variety of topics and have to start providing a lot more detail than before. In addition to regular research projects where they have to learn about a specific topic, they will have to write one of three basic essays: opinion, informative, and narrative essays.

    Informative essays are the most direct and what they are likely the most used to. These are things like book reports or a piece on a specific topic, like their favorite animal. An opinion essay is where your child needs to clearly state their opinion then back it up with reasons and facts that make sense. In a narrative essay, your child is telling a story, whether real or fictional.

    There are different levels of detail needed depending on your child's grade level. Click here for 

    essay writingThird Grade Writing Prompts

    Fourth Grade Writing Prompts

    Fifth Grade Writing Prompts

    Sixth Grade Writing Prompts

    Seventh Grade Writing Prompts

    If your child is struggling with one or more of these kinds of prompts, a good idea is to enroll them in Reading Genie. The program at Reading Genie is designed to provide your child with many fun and engaging prompts for them to practice, and the teachers give helpful and kind feedback. Your child will also have peer reviews with their classmates, showing them how they can improve at their level while building their confidence.

    Writing prompts can be challenging for your child, but they can also be a lot of fun. Making up stories is a great way to exercise their creative muscles. Have them share their ideas with you; you might have fun with them!


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