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    What is a Writing Prompt?

    Explore the progression of writing styles as your child advances through school. Enhance their journey with insights into different writing styles.

    Problems with Fifth Grade English Language Arts

    In fifth grade, your child is getting ready for middle school. If your child doesn't have a strong ELA foundation, they'll struggle here and in the future.

    Problems with Fifth Grade Math

    Identify problems 5th graders face when learning math. Find out how to help your child overcome difficulties with arithmetic and develop math skills.


    Genie Academy Writing Competition April 2021

    Get ready for the Genie Academy Writing Competition in April 2021. Open to all students, the competition will be held during reading classes. Be ready!


    Genie Academy Has In Person Classes

    Math Genie has put many safety protocols into effect like taking temperature, constant sanitizing, plexiglass desks& reduced class size among other things.

    Reading Genie Online Writing Contest for Grades 1-7! Win Prizes.

    Math Genie is hosting an online writing competition for students in grades 1-7. Students can win exciting prizes. Contest graded in real time by teachers.

    Will Schools Reopen This Year?

    Will Schools Reopen This Year?

    Governor Murphy announced there is a chance that schools in NJ could reopen before the end of the academic year. What does this mean for your child?

    Worry COVID-19 Will Affect Child's Education? Join Genie Academy

    As COVID-19 brings schools to a standstill, and raises questions of how and what our children will learn, Math Genie is here with its new online solution!

    Young girls writing in a classroom

    The Importance of Essay Formatting

    • February 03, 2020
    • By Melody F

    A point-by-point guide to writing a clear, engaging essay with steps that make it easier and less stressful for writers

    U.S. Students' Success in STEM Depend on Advanced Math Skills

    As the world globalizes, STEM job demand rises, but U.S. students, particularly minorities, struggle to meet STEM requirements. Click here to learn more!

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