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    Posted by Susie Pinon on January 30, 2021



    Not many things can stop Genie Academy from putting their students first and providing the best education possible. That’s right-not even a global pandemic like Covid-19 can stop Genie Academy classes from happening. 

    About seven months ago, we dove headfirst into modern-day online learning. And in the present day, we definitely consider ourselves a master of the art of online learning. Now, while we do love it, we didn’t want to completely let go of in-person classes. So we put some strict safety procedures into place because we love our students and staff!

    Here are the procedures and safety precautions we have put in place at every center that currently has in person classes:


    1. Masks are worn at all times by all students and staff. This is a no-brainer, and our students know that their noses must be covered at all times. We know it can get stuffy sometimes, so we are sure that the heat is not turned up too high. This helps wearing a mask far easier. If a student should come to class wearing a loose-fitting mask, we will provide a brand new disposable mask for them and have them tie it around their ears if necessary. If students are unable or refuse to wear a mask, they will not be permitted to enter the building or take their in-person class.

    2. Mandatory Temperature Checks. We use a contactless thermometer that easily scans the wrist or forehead of all students moments after entry. Students will be turned away if their temperature is 100℉ or higher. A normal body temperature in kids may range from 97.9℉ F- 99℉. All teachers must also scan themselves immediately after entry into the building.

    After a child’s temperature is taken, they are given hand sanitizer by their teacher before walking to their class.


    3. No Parents Are Permitted In The Center. When parents drop off their children to class, they must wait outside. This also holds true for pickup. If need be, students will wait in the lobby area if they are early to class or when they are waiting to be picked up. They will remain socially distanced from any peers until parents pick them up. This allows us to have minimum contact with parents in the building and avoid the spread of more germs. 

    If parents need to pick up a book or other learning materials, they can knock on the front door and the manager on duty will bring any materials to them. All conferences are held over Google Meet and any questions or concerns among parents are discussed with parents over email, phone, or video chat.

    4. All desks are equipped with plexiglass shields. All students in class sit at their own desks with plexiglass shields that surround them and protect them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), respiratory droplets are produced when we breathe out. This includes breathing, talking, coughing, and sneezing. Droplets can be larger and easily visible or smaller droplets that dry very quickly in the air. These smaller droplets may remain suspended for many minutes to hours.

    By efficiently utilizing a plexiglass barrier for each student, we are able to protect one another from the spread of these small droplets that cannot be seen by the naked eye.







    5. We have lowered the maximum amount of students per class. Each in-person class will never exceed 4-5 students and are often smaller than that. Some of our classes are hybrid, with some students online and others in person. This also contributes to a smaller in-person class size. Everyone, including the teacher, has their own separate classroom set up. 


    6. Ample supplies are always available. Hand sanitizers, tissues, paper towels, and lysol wipes are available at all times for students and teachers. All desks and individual learning sectors are sanitized individually after each class by the teacher. Students also bring their own materials to class like pencils, erasers, and water bottles. The water fountains in all centers are not utilized by students. This reduces the risk of cross-contact or cross-contamination.  


    7. HVAC air filtration systems in all centers to kill the Covid virus and reduce the spread of germs.


    8. Weekly Cleaning Crew. All centers have a professional cleaning crew visit all centers on a weekly basis to sanitize and disinfect regularly touched surfaces like desks and doorknobs. This is in addition to the teachers cleaning these surfaces on a regular basis.


    At Genie Academy, we believe that by following simple and effective safety protocols and procedures, that we can stay safe together.

    If you have a child who is currently enrolled in Genie Academy and you are interested in in-person classes, please reach out to a manager and we will adjust your schedule.

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in Genie Academy, (which by the way is a really good idea,) then have no Covid fear. Genie Academy is here!

    Schedule a free class and assessment today for math or reading with a passionate teacher. Don’t wait. Help your child now. They’re counting on you.

    -The Genie Academy Team


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