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Why are many American students falling behind in math?

U.S.A. Math Standards are Declining

Why are many American students falling behind in math? In this article, find out the factors that contribute to the decline in US math standards.

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What does math do for a child's brain?

It's well known that math is like exercise for the brain, but what exactly does that exercise do for kids? Read to find out more!

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Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

American literacy is suffering, and the way learning disabilities are handled may be partly to blame. Learn about what undiagnosed learning disabilities do

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Why poor math skills lead to a poor life...

Teachers are always asked if the math they teach can be used in real life. Find out what could happen in the life of someone without any math skills!

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Is my child missing bricks?

When a child misses a piece of information during school, it creates a missing brick. What is a missing brick, and how does it affect a child's learning?

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How Online Learning Failed

When schools went virtual, the quality of education dropped drastically. This describes some setbacks caused by online and virtual learning during COVID19.

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Help Your Child Solve Word Problems

Helping your child understand and solve word problems is crucial once they hit 3rd grade. This guide breaks down how to help them with math homework

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Help Your Child Understand Word Problems

Staring in 3rd grade, kids will be doing word problems in math. These can be very hard for kids to understand. Learn how to help with their math homework.

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Problems with Seventh Grade Math

Address the math challenges encountered in 7th grade. Learn how to support your child through algebraic difficulties and reduce math anxiety.

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Problems with Sixth Grade Math

In sixth grade, your child is starting middle school. If your child doesn't have a math strong foundation, they'll struggle here and in the future.

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