What Makes a Teacher Great?

    Posted by Math Genie Staff on February 12, 2021


    By: Madhuri Ray 


    Teachers play an extremely important role in shaping the minds of individuals throughout the world. So one might wonder what characteristics must a teacher have that separates them from the rest and makes them a good teacher? From a young age children are exposed to various teachers throughout their lives. Ranging from parents teaching them how to talk, to college professor teaching trigonometry, and so on. It is evident that the impact a teacher has on their students is everlasting. I can still think back and remember my favorite teachers growing up that truly made a difference in my life and encouraged me to be passionate about learning.


    A Safe Environment

    One of the most important qualities of a teacher is being able to adapt to the various situations that they are in. Teachers need to adapt to meet the needs of their students. After all, each child is different. Teachers need to be able to think fast and smart. Teachers also need to be respectful and create a safe and comfortable environment for their students. Part of the learning experience is creating a classroom setting that children feel safe in that also promotes thinking. 



    Teachers also need to creative and learn to think outside the box. What might be an easy concept to grasp for one student might be quite challenging for another. I personally have experienced this first hand when I am attempting to teach a new concept such as even and odd numbers.  While some students understand what these are by simple explanation and examples other students are more visual thinkers and need a more hands on method of teaching. So for these students I often time take beads or crayons out and ask them to make groups of twos to understand if there is something leftover which does not have a pair it is odd, but if you can make groups of twos with nothing left over you have an even number.

    When I think of the word teacher I think of an acronym that symbolizes everything a teacher should be.


    T – Thoughtful

    E – Encouraging

    A – Adaptable

    C – Caring

    H – Honest

    E – Empowering

    R – Respectful. 


    Finally the most important traits a teacher should have, is that they should be patient and compassionate. Teachers have the power to completely influence the mind of a student. Sometimes when students do not see the potential and light in themselves, a teacher is there to always remind them its there. Children are the future of America so it is extremely important to make sure that they are taught that they can make a difference in the world and the power of education. 


    Our Teachers

    At Math Genie all of our teachers have a strong passion for teaching and learning. Each and every one one of our teachers aims to make a difference in their student’s lives and show them the value and power of education. After all, it is important to always remember that teachers spend many hours of the day with your children.

    At Math Genie, the teachers all understand that we have a moral duty to guide children in the right direction. For us, it’s not just about teaching concepts to students. We know that we must create a learning environment that allows students to thrive. Our incorporation of yoga, meditation, and various activities makes learning pleasurable for our students. Our classroom regimen also stresses discipline and time management. These skills are required in the real world.

    By constantly encouraging our students to work hard and learn through our use of positive reinforcement tactics, we evoke a sense of pride and enthusiasm for learning. Our center is known for teaching abacus based learning methods that produces accurate and speedy mental math, common core based supplementary learning, and various reading programs that target key areas such as spelling, reading, writing and language arts.


    So if you’re looking for a positive environment that promotes learning, filled with passionate teachers whose mission is to help every child find their potential, then Math Genie is the place for you! We have multiple locations, so reach out to us today at (732-651-2700) to receive your free assessment and set your child on the path to success! Or, follow this link.

    We can't wait to meet you!


    -The Math Genie Team


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