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    Posted by Math Genie Staff on February 10, 2021

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    Not to toot our own horn, but our students really love us. Students who have taken Genie Academy classes say they got more than they ever thought they would out of our classes and curriculum. Many also said that Genie Academy taught them how to work faster, and even helped them improve in non-academic areas of their life. For example, many students have mentioned to us that after being enrolled in Genie Academy for a little while, they were able to pick up the ability to learn music more easily, and even excel at sports. Here is a little snippet of what just a handful of students or their parents have to say about Genie Academy.



    “My grade went up two levels,” said Rebecca, age 10. “It's like a two-in-one deal. It's fun and it helps you more. ...At school when we do a hundred problems in 10 minutes, I always finish first and finish like in two or three minutes,” she stated. "The other kids, they take [more time] and I'm really, like waiting for them to finish.”

    Rebecca said she excelled in music because of the basic skills she learned at Genie Academy. “During music class, we had to measure a beat of certain music pieces and it was really easy,” she remarked. Rebecca also described Genie Academy as a fun place where she can make new friends since there's lots of different classes to choose from.



    Somer, age 9, who attended Genie Academy for two years, said she has become among the fastest in her class. Last year she scored 100% on the NJ-Ask Math exam. “I'm always first, second or third in finishing word problems or doing any of the multiplication stuff,” said Somer. 



    Kaya's father shared that in addition to math and music, his daughter is doing well in another important subject. “She's getting very good in writing,” Kaya's father said. “...which is very interesting for us to see. She would never give up.”

    Parents say they like to see children who may have been struggling suddenly surprise everyone and shoot ahead because of the skills they learned at Genie Academy.



    Justin, who has been taking Genie Academy classes for over three years said he's always the first to finish his math and he believes it's the way Genie Academy is taught. “They teach it so you don't have to count on your fingers or use number lines,” Justin said. In addition to improving math skills and making students work faster, Genie Academy helps students see problems in different ways so they can “think outside the box.”

    Genie Academy really does work wonders… Justin attended Genie Academy from the age of five. The impact overall on his academics has also been outstanding! In kindergarten, he took the standardized test. This test spanned over a period of four days. The principal told Justin’s mom that his score was extremely high, and we later learned that he scored the highest in kindergarten in the school, and nationwide. He was in the top percentile. 

    At his new school, he took the new Terra Nova test for the first grade. Mom was told that this new test was more challenging. When the test scores came back, Justin apparently scored extremely high, and the principal informed her that he would be receiving advanced level work. After that, he enrolled in piano class. His teacher, who has taught piano in both her native Russia as well as here in America referred to Justin as her “A+ student.” Soon after, Justin’s mom overheard her mentioning him to another parent, and saying that he is an excellent student! She later asked the piano teacher what made him an A+ student. 

    She explained that with many students, she has to demonstrate a technique more than once because they have a tough time grasping the concept, but Justin was always very focused and able to apply what she has shown him the very first time! She says this is very rare in one so young. Sometimes she teaches him as many as four songs in the 1/2 hour session, and he comes home and plays all songs taught! Wow! Justin’s mom can attest to the fact that Genie Academy really does work wonders, ecstatic that she discovered the program!


    And while you can always read more of our success stories, we wanted to share a little glimpse into how your child’s life will drastically change with the help of Genie Academy.


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