What Should Your Child Know by Age 5?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on October 05, 2021

     Your child is starting school now, maybe for the first time, and entering the world as a more confident and knowledgeable person. Now that they’re 5, they’ll start having a lot more independence, creativity, and even self-control. Everyone learns and grows at their own pace, but by the time they’re 5, your child should have some key capabilities.

    5 years oldMental and Language Developments

    Your child’s vocabulary isn’t just expanding; by now they can carry full conversations with you, teachers, and friends. Not only can they answer simple questions easily and logically, they should be able to express feelings better as well. They can speak more clearly and deal with complex questions. They should also be developing a better attention span by age 5, following 2 and 3 part instructions easily.  

    In terms of reading and writing, although they may not be reading independently much, they can already recognize some letters. They need to start understanding and spelling sight wordsThey can probably also write their name and even recognize familiar words, such as the word “stop” on a road sign or their street name.

    Math Skills

    By age 5, your child should be able to count at least 10 or more items. They should also be able to name at least 4 colors and 3 different shapes. They will also understand everyday concepts and items like food and money and how those things are connected to daily life. They should also be able to recite their address and phone number. They will also get a better concept of time and how that relates to daily activities. For example, they will understand breakfast happens in the morning, lunch and recess are in the afternoon, and dinner is in the evening. They also will understand how to use future tense and apply that to their conversations.

    Movement Developments

    By age 5, your child will have gained a lot of important coordination skills, not just during playtime activities. They can do a somersault, hop, pedal a tricycle with ease, and stand on 1 foot for at least 9 seconds. Playtime will have fewer bumps and scrapes from balance issues and can include a lot more activities. They can also go up and down the stairs without help. For daily activities, they can brush their teeth independently, dress and undress with little or no help, and use the toilet. They can also use a fork and spoon by themselves.

    In terms of handwriting they should be able to copy a triangle, circle, and square. They can probably copy more shapes as well, but those are the basic ones they should be able to do easily. They can also draw a person with a body. Your child should also be able to balance and stack at least 10 blocks together without it falling right away.

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