Failing student was going to be Held Back. Thanks to Genie Academy She is Ahead of her Class. 

Shreya's Success  is because of Math GenieShreya was failing in school and was on the verge of being held back in third grade. A year after enrolling in Genie Academy, she is excelling in class. Her teachers are astounded at her progress and Shreya will even be ahead of her 5th grade class in September. We sat down with Florence and Ashok, Shreya’s mom and dad, as well as Shreya herself to talk to them about Genie Academy.

What was life like before Genie Academy

Florence: She struggled, no matter we do I bought her every book there was to help teach her and I don’t understand the common core process because when I grew up the math was taught different so me trying to teach her was a hard time. The work in school didn’t help so when we found out about Genie Academy, through another parent, her grades slowly crept up and it was a big help, Genie Academy. Because of Genie Academy, it brought her math up. She was failing terribly. But this year her levels gone all the way up she is doing beautifully.

What were you hoping when you decided to enroll?

Florence: That Genie Academy will help her understand word problems which was her big problem as well as the math for her level and the challenges that common core has that she is able to understand it and do it

Ashok: We just wanted her to have more structure when it came to the math learning process. She would learn in school and she would be able to go home and practice and she did. She would come home and put the time in but we just weren’t seeing the results like we want to. So we thought that being in place where she would be around professionals who would be able to teach her the way that school is showing it …would help and at least based on the grades I’ve seen it’s definitely been really helpful

What has your experience been at Genie Academy?

Florence: Even her teachers have told us her math levels have gone up and she is doing beautifully. I told them “she’s in Genie Academy she’ll be in it for the summer. She’ll continue because they’re helping her.” And you are hitting the targets where she really needs it and you challenge her, you push her, which is what she needs.

What are the benefits of Genie Academy, in your opinion?

Ashok: I think that being able to have her grades come up definitely has her be more confident about the learning process and she feels more like the other kids who are getting the better grades. Her self-esteem is definitely higher because of that and she thinks of it as fun when she’s learning as opposed to just a chore

Florence: Before with the math she would cry and complain because it’s too much, she didn’t get it. Now it’s like “Mom I know it, I know it. Mom, I’m fine, I’m good.” And that’s what every parent wants to hear.

What did you like most about the Genie Academy classes?

Shreya: I like that it’s a small group and because it helps me more. It mostly steps me forward before my school day and starts me ahead of my class.

Florence: Like when she has a problem with the work her Genie Academy teacher sits down and she goes over it with her and she tries different angles until [Shreya] understands it. Sometimes the teachers at school don’t have that time because there are so many kids. But over here [Shreya] has that quality time when the teacher can sit with her and the teacher will try different angles until it gets in her head and [Shreya] understands the question.

How do you think Shreya has progressed since being in Genie Academy?

Ashok: I remember I went to the parent-teacher conference with the school psychologists at the end of last year to see if she had a learning issue and if we had to put her in different classes and they decided that she was on the borderline where she could go to class with everybody else. So just the fact we went from there to now she’s doing very well that shows the progress to me.

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