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Pass the ASVAB Exam With Our Expert Tutoring For a Successful Military Career

Our advanced tutoring program will help you excel in the ASVAB exam, an essential step in your military career. Our experienced teachers provide comprehensive instruction and support to ensure your success. Our center offers:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We provide in-depth coverage of all test areas, including arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, math knowledge, general science, electronics information, automobile and retail information, and mechanical understanding.
  • Flexible Schedule: Convenient in-person and online classes to fit your schedule, making it easy to balance training with other commitments.
  • Test-Taking Strategies: Get valuable strategies and tips for solving the ASVAB, including time management, question analysis, and elimination techniques.
  • Practice Tests and Feedback: Take practice tests to measure your progress and receive detailed feedback to identify areas for improvement.

What is the ASVAB and What Test Format Types Does It Offer?

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a standardized test used by the United States Armed Forces to determine qualifications for military service and assign related military positions. It measures a candidate's ability in various areas, such as mathematics, verbal skills, science, technical skills, and spatial reasoning.

The ASVAB is offered in three different test formats:

CAT-ASVAB (Computer Adaptive Test):

This version, computerized and administered at Military Processing Points (MEPS), adapts the difficulty of questions based on the test taker's responses.

P&P-ASVAB (Paper and Pencil):

This traditional test version, which uses a fixed set of questions, is usually administered in high schools and other specialized testing centers.

MET-ASVAB (Mobile Examination Test):

This is also a paper test version, but it is administered to individuals referred by a recruiter at mobile testing sites. This format is more accessible to potential recruits located away from MEPS.

ASVAB Test Format Comparison

Here’s a breakdown of the number of questions and time allocated for each section in both formats.

Subject Computer-Assisted Questions Computer-Assisted Time (Minutes) Paper and Pencil Questions Paper and Pencil Time (Minutes)
General Science 12 25 11 15
Arithmetic Reasoning 15 55 30 36
Word Knowledge 15 9 35 11
Paragraph Comprehension 10 27 15 13
Mathematics Knowledge 15 31 25 24
Electronics Information 15 10 20 9
Auto Information (Separated in Computer-Assisted) (Separated in Computer-Assisted) (Combined in Paper & Pencil) (Combined in Paper & Pencil)
Auto & Shop Information (Split) 10 + 10 (Split) 7 + 7 (Split) __ __
Mechanical Comprehension 15 22 25 19
Assembling Objects 15 18 25 15
Auto & Shop Information __ __ 25 11

Who is Our ASVAB Preparation Program For?

Our ASVAB preparation program is offered:

 High School Students: If you are considering military service, our program will help you achieve the high scores needed to enlist and gain access to a broader range of career opportunities.
 Current Military Members: Military members looking to apply for specialized positions or promotions can use our targeted training to improve their ASVAB scores.
 Graduates and GED Recipients: Through our comprehensive program, individuals who have completed high school or received their GED and are now interested in joining the military can gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

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ASVAB Prep Process at Genie Academy

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Initial Assessment

We begin with a thorough assessment to determine your current strengths and weaknesses in all areas of the ASVAB testing.

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Personalized Study Plan

Based on your initial assessment, our experienced teachers create a personalized learning plan that targets your weaknesses while enhancing your strengths.

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Expert Tutoring

Study individually with our experienced teachers. Our teachers have extensive knowledge of the ASVAB test format and content.

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Regular Practice Tests

You can access different study materials, including detailed tutorials, practice questions, and online resources.

Our ASVAB preparation process is continuous. After each progress review, we reassess your strengths and areas that
need improvement. We then update your study plan to address your needs.

Genie Academy's Test Prep Benefits

 Expert Tutors Ready to Guide You
At Genie Academy, you'll find a team of expert tutors who are not only knowledgeable but also deeply passionate about ensuring your success.

 Small Class Sizes
We keep our class sizes small to guarantee that you receive the individual attention you deserve.

 Transparent Communication and Curriculum
We provide you with regular updates on your progress, ensuring you have access to all your learning materials and feedback.

 Top-Rated Test Prep In New Jersey
With ASVAB test prep locations throughout New Jersey – including East Brunswick, Hillsborough, Plainsboro, Marlboro, South Plainfield, and South Brunswick – you can find an ASVAB test prep program near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ASVAB test consists of several timed sections, each with specific time limits for completing questions and tasks. This ensures a fair assessment of aptitude and skills.

Eligibility to take the ASVAB test varies based on military branch requirements and age restrictions. Generally, individuals must meet specific criteria related to age, citizenship, and educational background.

ASVAB test prep enhances your readiness for military service, potentially qualifying you for advanced training and leadership opportunities, contributing to long-term career growth and advancement.

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