6 Year Old Jack’s Journey at Genie Academy

Posted by Susie Pinon on April 14, 2021


very-cute-positive-smiling-little-boy-isolated_SYdUtIpBjThe mother of a 6-year-old named Jack speaks out and reveals the raw truth about Genie Academy.


Genie Academy promises all sorts of things to us parents - kids will get better in math, develop their whole brain, improve focus and concentration, etc. Every time I read one of their ads, I thought “Who would be dumb enough to fall for them?” I am going to tell you the raw truth about Genie Academy and its secrets.


My name is Joan Collins. I live in East Brunswick with my husband Rob, our son Jack and our cat ‘Giggles.” I used to work for Lucent Technologies in Holmdel. But after our son was born I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom to take care of my son. As Jack was growing up, I was determined to give him the best childhood and the best preparation, so that he would grow up to be happy and successful and achieve whatever he wanted to achieve.

Then Jack went to preschool. I enrolled him at this very expensive preschool in East Brunswick. Jack seemed to enjoy it. I was spending thousands of dollars every month for the privilege. Things didn’t seem to add up, though. By the time Jack was five, he could barely write his numbers. He reversed 3, 6, & 7. His teachers at kindergarten said, “Don’t worry. He will be okay. Don’t push him too much.”

Then I came across an ad for Genie Academy. I heard all their promises. I was hesitant, though. After spending thousands of dollars already, I didn’t know if it would be worth investing in a program I had never heard of before. I needed to make sure that Jack got an early start in life. But their claims were simply too outrageous. What they said was the polar opposite of the highly qualified, certified teachers at his kindergarten. The certified teachers thought it was wrong to pressure these kids. So they didn’t push the kids enough.

At Genie Academy, Mr. Jain and his wife claim to teach 4 digit division & multiplication to 5-6-year-olds. I decided to enroll Jack into the program,expecting fully well for their farce to expose itself. What I discovered at Genie Academy scared me. Their teaching style was totally different from what I had seen, heard, been taught or believed. Genie Academy uses the abacus to teach math. I had never seen this implemented before at public nor private schools in New Jersey, not even at the high-end facility Jack had attended for many months.



As Jack progressed through the Genie Academy program, we saw a whole different way of learning. Instead of him being confused and retreating out of fear of failure, he was being challenged. He was rising to the challenge and consistently raising the bar for himself. He was growing academically in a way I had never witnessed. He developed a sharper mind, and his mental math surpassed the speed and accuracy of mine. It was truly life-changing.

At Genie Academy they assume that every child can do complex math. It’s very playful, like a game. Jack caught on instantly. His reversing of numbers was fixed in the first class itself. The way the Genie Academy program is taught opens up new learning channels in the brain. I began to see Genie Academy in a different light, skeptical and grateful at the same time. I was skeptical whether the gains would last but grateful that they showed me what my son is capable of doing.

First, he learned addition and subtraction then double digit addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Then he started calculating mentally. Just like magic. He started to finish his homework assignments in 10 to 15 minutes. In the months Jack began to learn at Genie Academy his progress surpassed our greatest expectations.  



In Jack’s first year of attending Genie Academy, his academic progress was outstanding! In Kindergarten, he took the standardized test. This test spanned over a period of four days. The principal told me his score was extremely high, and I later learned that he scored the highest in kindergarten in the school, and nationwide. He was in the top percentile.

In his new school, he took the Terra Nova test for the first grade. I was told that this new test was more challenging. When the test scores came back, my son scored extremely high and the principal informed me that he would be receiving advanced level work.

Then I enrolled him in a piano class. His piano teacher, who has taught both in her native Russia as well as here in America, told me that he is her “A+” student. When she said this, I brushed it off thinking that she probably said that to all or many of her students as a form of motivation. Soon after, I overheard her mentioning my son to another parent, and saying that he is an excellent student! I later asked her what makes him an A+ student. She explained that with many students, she has to demonstrate a technique more than once because they have a tough time grasping the concept, but Jack was always able to remain very focused, and able to apply what she showed him only after learning it one time! She said this was very rare in one so young. I know for a fact that she sometimes teaches him as many as 4 songs in the 1/2 hour session, and he comes home and plays all songs taught! Wow!


Genie Academy Really Works

How, you ask, could such a thing happen? The answer simply is learning “how the brain works.” Traditional schools and enrichment programs exercise a small area of the brain. The Genie Academy program has combined the ancient abacus and peak performance techniques perfected over the last 20 years. It exercises a larger area of the brain. Genie Academy opens up new learning channels in the brain.

In spite of everything you hear about falling school standards, especially amidst Covid and virtual learning, my son is thriving.  He is excelling in every area: math, science, reading, music, and sports.  His focus and concentration is so much better than all his peers' thanks to the wonderful teachers at Genie Academy. What is important is that my son can utilize the new learning channels that have opened up in his brain.  That has allowed him to succeed and outperform in any activity he chooses to participate in. 


Learning Language

I knew that folks at Genie Academy had it figured out when they told us about our child’s effective learning language.  I didn’t study child psychology so I didn’t know what my child’s learning language was. 

All of us have a learning language.  It is different for everyone.  So like most folks, I was unaware of what Jack’s learning language was. Whenever I taught him anything, I used to teach him in my learning language.  What a huge mistake that was and what a tremendous waste of time and the root of all frustrations. But once I learned what his learning language was, it ignited his learning.  The teachers at Genie Academy told me what his learning language was.  It made so much sense. 

Unlike traditional schools where teachers are too busy, have too many kids, and teach in a one-size-fits-all approach, at Genie Academy every child gets individual attention.  The teachers truly care. At Genie Academy, not only does your child get much better in math, but he will also improve his creativity, improve focus, and develop good habits of hard work and persistence.  The program makes learning easier and enjoyable.  And in my opinion, you’d be foolish to ignore them. 

Just like me, you may have seen their ads and postcards month after month.  If you haven’t responded, I don’t know why.  Maybe you think your child is too smart and does well enough in school. Even if your child is doing well in school, he or she can do better - much, much better.  

By the way, I wasn’t paid even a penny or given anything to write about Genie Academy.  I am a parent just like you.  I did this just as a way of saying thanks to Genie Academy for everything they have done for me and Jack. 

Most, like me, are now proud of the accomplishments of our children.  We are confident that we have given them a solid foundation where they can build happy, successful, and fulfilling lives. 


All we can say is “Don’t envy us.  Join us.” 

Joan Collins

East Brunswick, NJ 


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-The Genie Academy team

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