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    6 Year Old Jack’s Journey at Genie Academy

    Math Genie promises things to us parents- kids will get better in math, develop their whole brain, improve focus & concentration, etc. Trust me, it's true.


    If I had Genie Academy as a kid…

    Our staff wishes they had access to Math Genie reading and math when they were a kid and for their kids to help them build confidence&do better in school.


    If I had Genie Academy as a child…

    If I Had Math Genie as a child is a reflection essay written by a Math Genie teacher who once had a math phobia and now loves math. She thanks Math Genie!

    how puzzles help your child grow

    Puzzle Power: How Puzzles Help Your Child's Development

    Puzzles have proven to develop high motor skills. With Math Genie, your kids will love to learn math the fun way along with developing reasoning and logical skills.

    learning coding can help your childs creative writing

    Boosting Creative Writing Skills Through Coding

    Understand how coding can enhance your child's creative writing skills by instilling precision, structure, and critical thinking. Read now.

    coding classes for kids

    Why is it Better for Kids Learn to Code in Class?

    Are you looking for a great place for your kids to learn to code?iCode Genie offers logic and critical thinking in a fun and invaluable way. Join us to know more!

    learning to code boosts your child's logic and math skills

    How Learning to Code Helps Your Child's Math Skills

    Considering the benefits of coding for your child? Genie Academy is the perfect solution! Let your child learn math skills through computer coding.


    5 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking has been linked to higher levels of achievement, better emotional intelligence and decision making, and overall life success.

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