Why is it Better for Kids Learn to Code in Class?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 04, 2019

    coding classes for kidsLearning how to code is a valuable experience for children, as it teaches them problem-solving skills and critical thinking, and gives them an upper hand when marketing themselves in the job force. There are a number of resources available for people of all ages to learn how to code—from games and puzzles to coding education series and ranging from beginner skills to advanced studies.

    If you have a child who is learning to code, these online resources can be valuable for getting them interested in code. However, are these games the best way for children to learn how to code? There is a better way to learn to code for kids.

    Classroom Learning is More Structured

    When a child enrolls in a coding class, they'll have something that an online-taught coding student doesn't: structure. Coding classes follow a set schedule, with children meeting on set days at set times a fixed number of days a week. Their curriculum follows a plan laid out by the teacher to ensure they have the foundational skills to learn more advanced coding skills as they progress.

    Having this structure helps kids learn faster by letting them learn on a schedule rather than on their whims.

    Teachers Ensure No Gaps Are Left in Education

    Having a teacher present to guide children is infinitely valuable in ensuring a comprehensive education. In self-guided learning, children learn what they're interested in, and gaps may develop in their education. If your child struggles to understand an element of coding, they may struggle to find the resources they need to grasp it, or simply avoid it for aspects they have a stronger grasp of.

    When students have a teacher in the classroom, the teacher can make sure they understand everything they need to know and teach it to them in different ways so they understand the curriculum. They're also guaranteed to not miss any important rules or concepts with a teacher structuring their lesson plans.

    Having Friends and Teachers Keeps Kids Committed

    Going to a class has a social benefit as well as an educational one. When students learn to code in a classroom with others, it becomes a group activity. Learning with a teacher and other students keeps your child committed to the program even when something gets difficult or their original interest wanes. Seeing the projects of their classmates can motivate them and give them ideas for their own projects, and having friends can help them through frustrating elements of the learning process as a team.

    Teach Your Child to Code in the iCode Genie Program

    Is your child interested in learning how to code? Ensure they have a thorough and structured education with the iCode Genie program, an after-school educational course designed to teach the fundamentals of code to children in a structured environment. Our top-notch coding instructors will make sure your child learns everything they need to know about coding to excel in school and in the workforce.


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