Posts about Critical Thinking

    Is Your Child Using Critical Thinking?

    Critical thinking is essential for life. You can teach your child critical thinking skills now that they will use for the rest of their life.

    Father educating son about enacting change

    Encouraging an Open Dialogue

    It is important to teach this new generation about fighting for what's right. Non-violent and peaceful protests are among the ways to help enact change.

    Importance of Reading Comprehension

    Reading comprehension is a crucial skill. It increases the enjoyment & effectiveness of reading & helps not only academically, personally, and professionally

    Boy and girl reading at night

    Teach Empathy to Your Child Through Story Characters

    As a parent, you want your child to learn empathy. Books can be an excellent tool to develop the skill and practice of empathetic living!

    how to teach your kids to tell time

    How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

    Telling time on an analog is a difficult skill for anyone learn. From numbers with double meanings to the concept of time itself, find out how to coach your child through this difficult process.


    NJ Governor Announces ‘Computer Science for All’

    Governor Phil Murphy announced his 'Computer Science For All' Grant. What does this mean for the STEM curriculum in your school?

    how puzzles help your child grow

    Puzzle Power: How Puzzles Help Your Child's Development

    Puzzles have proven to develop high motor skills. With Math Genie, your kids will love to learn math the fun way along with developing reasoning and logical skills.

    coding classes for kids

    Why is it Better for Kids Learn to Code in Class?

    Are you looking for a great place for your kids to learn to code?iCode Genie offers logic and critical thinking in a fun and invaluable way. Join us to know more!

    Creativity and Coding

    Creativity and Coding: Why Artistic Students Should Learn to Code

    Often in child development, your child will gravitate to a more creative or more logical way of thinking. Children who enjoy art, reading and music are assumed to have no interest in computers and programing. But creative children that learn computers are opening their mind to a new way of thinking.

    Math Genie Students Learn on the Abacus

    Learning the Abacus is Learning to Learn

    When your child masters skills taught in the abacus, they master how to learn. The abacus student will see how and why concepts and facts are formed

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