Boosting Creative Writing Skills Through Coding

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 13, 2019

    learning coding can help your childs creative writingUsually, coding is connected with topics such as math and logic, but coding is not limited to helping only with those subjects. To code, you must write. Although you are not writing in English, the fundamental skills you need to write well are the same.  One writer turned coder explained it this way;

    "As someone who is now trying to inhabit both of these worlds, I can tell you that writing also depends on order and coherence just as much as programming relies on creative flow, clarity, and communication. Ultimately, writing is just as much a puzzle as programming is a narrative." Vaidehi

    Learn the Importance Word Choice

    Writing code gives instant feedback, you use the wrong command and the program crashes. This is different than English, where the wrong word may not cause such an immediate disaster. Coding teaches kids to pay attention to every single word and to think about whether it is the best word for the situation. We don't always think about the precision needed for creative writing, but creativity without attention to the right details will not make an impressive story.

    Coding a Creative Story

    When coding your child often will be starting with games. Games are a fun and engaging way for children to conquer a tough subject which requires learning a new language. Games are almost meaningless without stories. Designing story-based games will directly help your child with creative writing skills. They will have to think about the setting they want to create, the backstory, and the hero's personality. All of these elements contribute to a compelling story, in code and on paper. As they build their story into the code they are writing they will be practicing all of the classical elements needed to write a creative story.

    Broken Code and Rough Drafts 

    Coding and writing both start with a first draft. You have to engage in the creative flow and get your ideas out. But after that first surge both require fixing. Creative writing does not come out any more perfectly than code. A writer must fix the broken parts, just as a coder does. Coding can help a child to understand that this fixing is a normal part of the process and develop the patience and discipline it requires to see a project to the end.

    Communication in Coding and Creative Writing

    At the center of both creative writing and coding projects is the student's idea. To share that idea with the world your child will have to communicate clearly. Coding, with its insistence on logic and correct sequences, helps your child look at their creative writing with new eyes. In this way they can can see the order within the story they are attempting to create. The computer is an unforgiving receiver of communication. It will not read anything into the code that is not there or overlook a missed punctuation mark. It is this diligence and attention to detail that your child will learn and bring to their creative writing.

    If you have a child who is a logical thinker but is struggling with creative writing, coding could be just the connection they need to find their creative flow. Additionally, if you have a prolific creative writer who needs help learning to polish their stories until they shine, coding could be just what they need.

    iCode Genie is just the place for your child. With our in class program, each student progresses at their own pace. They understand how the logic and patience of coding is interwoven in math, reading, and writing. Don't just take my word for it. Check out our Summer Coding Workshop and discover the potential of your child.

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