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    student writing on chalkboard

    How Your Child's Potential is Being Wasted... and What You Can Do

    Your child may not be living up to their full potential. Find out what is standing in their way, and what can be done to help them be more successful!

    WSJ AI in Chinese classrooms

    AI in Education in China. Will it turn students into mindless drones?

    Chinese schools experimented with the use of AI headbands in classrooms. Is this approach the most effective in developing the minds of young learners?

    Young girls writing in a classroom

    The Importance of Essay Formatting

    • February 03, 2020
    • By Melody F

    A point-by-point guide to writing a clear, engaging essay with steps that make it easier and less stressful for writers


    Why Should Children Be Taught to Learn By Hand?

    Benefits Cursive Brain Development Reading Writing Mathematics Modern Education Screen Time Learning Habits Better Studying Children Child Math Genie

    build your child's creative writing skills

    How to Teach Your Child Proper Writing Skills for Longer Essays

    Do you want your child to write essays but not sure how to motivate them? Reading Genie has the tools to boost your child's writing skills and their imagination.

    learning coding can help your childs creative writing

    Boosting Creative Writing Skills Through Coding

    Understand how coding can enhance your child's creative writing skills by instilling precision, structure, and critical thinking. Read now.

    why your child should read more poetry

    How Can Reading Poetry Help Your Child's Reading and Writing Skills?

    Ready to boost your child's skills? Explore the benefits of reading and writing poetry! Enhance comprehension, creativity, and vocabulary.

    Summer at Math Genie

    Coming Soon, Summer Workshops!

    Check out all the fun that is going on at Math Genie this summer! Make sure your child does not miss out!

    Aarush Writing Conest Winner

    Fifth Grade Writing Champion: Aarush

    Read insights from a 5th grader on the social impacts of technology and the internet, emphasizing the importance of careful digital communication.

    Grishmaa Writing Contest Winner

    Fourth Grade Writing Champion: Grishmaa

    Celebrate Grishmaa's achievement as a fourth-grade writing champion at Genie Academy. Read her delightful insights on the joys of having siblings.

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