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    For your child's perfect score on PSAT & SAT, Join Genie Academy

    Math Genie alumni credits Math Genie and the abacus for her success on PSAT & SAT. Takes College level Calculus courses in High School. Skips Algebra 2

    Giving Your Child a Phone Can be Detrimental to their Learning

    Your child may be eager to ask you for a mobile device like a tablet at a young age, but this can affect the way they learn and take in information

    Spotting Fake News:Vital for your Childs Reading & Writing Skills

    If your child can spot fake or dishonest writing it can help make their own writing truthful & factual. Follow these tips and make your child more aware


    The Importance of the Oxford Comma

    Learn the importance of teaching your child the rules of the Oxford comma to make his or her writing clear.

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