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    The Importance Of Prioritizing Literacy

    In the past fifteen years or so, there has been a huge push to get school-aged kids interested in STEM.


    Want to Get Your Kids Interested in Writing? Publish Their Work.

    Who doesn’t like their work published? This goes tenfolds for Kids! It helps in motivating kids to learn and feel recognized. Read Math Genie’s blog to know more.


    Making Kids Smarter Through Reading

    The best way to improve a child’s intelligence is through reading. Regular reading enhances their creativity.


    Is Praising Your Child really Beneficial for Them?

    Telling students that they’re smart is a mistake. Most of us think that this sort of praise will encourage students but it has the opposite effect.

    What Is The Matthew Effect & Why It's Important

    Third grade is the most important year for your child’s reading development. Students should have learned all of the skills necessary to read fluently.

    Learn how to make your child a better writer using these tips

    How To Get Kids Interested In Writing

    Good writing skills are a valuable tool to have in today’s changing global classroom. I love writing so much that I pursued it in my education.

    Is Your Child Struggling with Reading Comprehension?

    Reading comprehension is one of the most important academic skills your child will learn in their lifetime.

    Improve your childs reading comprehension by encouraging a daily reading schedule

    Simple Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

    Each time we read a book, we are inferring, questioning, analyzing, and drawing conclusions in just a few minutes in order to understand the text.

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