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Why are many American students falling behind in math?

U.S.A. Math Standards are Declining

Why are many American students falling behind in math? In this article, find out the factors that contribute to the decline in US math standards.

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Unpacking new jersey's common core math standards for 2nd graders

Unpacking New Jersey's Common Core Math Standards for 2nd Graders

What will your child learn in 2nd grade math? Find out New Jersey's common core math standards to better support them in school.

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understanding 1st grade math new jersey standards

Understanding the Magic of New Jersey's 1st Grade Math Standards

Is your child preparing for 1st grade math in New Jersey? Take a look at its 1st grade math standards to optimize your child's growth.

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why genie academy coaches are special

Why are Genie Academy Coaches special?

On top of being subject matter experts, explore the three qualities of Genie Academy Coaches that help your child become the genius they're born to be!

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Covid Causing Learning Loss in the United States of America

Have you noticed a decline in your child's learning ability after COVID? Here we'll explore COVID 19 learning loss and the best ways to address it.

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Abacus Math vs Traditional Math

Why is Abacus a Superior Way to Teach Math?

What makes Abacus Math superior to traditional Math? A Genie Academy coach weighs in on its several benefits for your child. With FREE abacus class.

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Understanding New Jersey's Kindergarten Math Standards

Preparing your child for kindergarten? Here's a look at New Jersey's kindergarten math standards to better support them in school.

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At What Age Should Your Child Master Number Writing & Recognition?

Number writing is a crucial milestone for early academic success. Find out when this skill starts developing so you can optimize your child's growth.

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