Why are Genie Academy Coaches special?

Posted by Summer Centrone on November 07, 2023


At Genie Academy, the role of a Coach extends far beyond our classrooms. They are not just suppliers of knowledge; they are mentors, motivators, and guides on the journey of your child’s learning. Our coaches stand out from the rest because of their patience with each child’s learning process, responsibility for their students and their progress, and encouraging nature that aids the children with their confidence in academics. This blog’s purpose is to highlight the qualities that make our teachers unique and how their dedication and expertise of our program create a learning environment that is both enriching and inspiring to the students.

Our coaches are rated by parents and their comments exemplify how helpful our coaches are to the students at each of our learning centers. The next 3 sections focus on some of the most common adjectives that we came across in our reviews describing coaches across all locations. 


“An amazingly patient teacher that takes in the students' needs and the parents' concerns.”

“Absolutely amazing. She’s very attentive and caring. She’s helped Aadam grow in math and is always patient with his questions.” 

Our parent reviews say it all. All of our coaches are striving to help your child succeed each and every class. A big part of students being able to succeed is for them to feel as though they are supported in their academic journey. Our coaches are always patient with students and cater to each child’s specific needs. Coaches want your child to feel comfortable in our environment and feel as though this is a safe place for them. Our coaches exude a friendly demeanor day in and day out, so that the children will enjoy coming to their classes at Genie Academy!  


“Responsible, excellent coaching , good accountability towards kids”

“Ms. Fatima is a responsible teacher. She cares about her students.”

At all of our centers, the responsibility of our coaches serve as a foundation for our commitment to providing high-quality education and nurturing the growth of our students. The reason we look for responsible coaches is because we want someone we can rely on and that you and your child can rely on. Coaches show up for their classes ready to expand the minds of their students, day in and day out. Your child’s success is of the utmost priority to the coach and should always be the main focus. Genie Academy coaches are trained to help your child strive for excellence.


“Ms. Chantal is very dedicated and works closely with my child and focuses on her weaker areas and also encourages her in her strong areas therefore making her more confident.”

“She is very thorough and knows how to deal with little kids. She also knows the ability of the kid and tries to encourage them to bring their best. I highly recommend her.”

Our coaches showcase a culture of encouragement, creating a positive and empowering learning environment that motivates students to become the genius they were born to be! Students benefit from a coach that is constantly lifting them up; it boosts their confidence. The more confident a student becomes in their own abilities, the better chance they have at succeeding in their academics. Sometimes, it can just take one educator to believe in them, in order for them to feel like they can do it. Coaches across all locations demonstrate this kind of behavior in order for our students to thrive in the program. 

Genie academy coaches have patience with each child’s learning process, responsibility for their students and their progress, and an encouraging nature that aids the children with their confidence in academics. Sign up or call 732-659-4364 to schedule your free class today!

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