Best Math Tutoring Programs For Kids in New Jersey

Posted by Mohit S. Jain on March 18, 2024


math tutoring program for kids

Math can be challenging for students, and having the right support can significantly affect their academic performance. When searching for the best math tutoring centers in New Jersey, we prioritized options known for their personalized attention and proven track records. However, based on recent data, 57% of struggling students increased their mathematics test scores by an average of 13.4 points after regular tutoring.

We consider factors like the tutors' qualifications, the variety of programs available, and the adaptability of the services to meet the diverse learning needs of students across the state.

We value centers that employ certified tutors with expertise in mathematical subjects and proficiency in different techniques. We want to provide options that align well with New Jersey's educational standards and meet students' individual goals.

7 Best Math Tutoring Services of 2024

Criteria for Selecting a Math Tutoring Center

Selecting a math tutoring center is necessary for parents and students aiming to improve mathematical skills and understanding. To help in this choice, we have analyzed various tutoring centers based on several key criteria: best tutors, pricing structures, advantages and disadvantages, and expertise in teaching math. This comprehensive approach ensures that the selected center meets families' financial considerations and provides quality math education.

  • Pricing Structures

We have examined different tutoring centers, comparing hourly rates, package deals, and additional fees. Our goal is to present options that offer the best value for money, accommodating various budgets without compromising the quality of tutoring received.

  • Pros and Cons

We've identified key advantages such as small class sizes, personalized learning plans, and the availability of experienced tutors. Conversely, potential drawbacks such as limited scheduling flexibility, distance from home or school, and teaching methods are also considered. 

  • Expertise in Math Education

Our evaluation centers on the expertise and effectiveness of the tutoring centers in teaching math. We assess the tutors' qualifications and experience, the curriculum's alignment with school standards, and the center's track record in improving students' performance. 

  • Reviews from Parents and Students

We valued reviews from both parents and students, assessing feedback across various platforms such as Trustpilot, official websites, and Google reviews. This approach allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness and satisfaction of each center's tutoring services, ensuring that our recommendations reflected the experiences and outcomes.

Top Math Tutoring Centers in New Jersey

In New Jersey, we have a variety of good math tutoring centers dedicated to improving students' mathematical skills. Each center offers its unique approach to math education, ensuring there's a perfect for every learner.

Genie Academy| Learning Center for Kids
Genie Academy

Genie Academy focuses on creating a personalized learning experience for each student, recognizing that everyone learns in their style. Their teaching is flexible, adapting to each student's level and speed, ensuring understanding of basics before moving on to harder topics. The environment at Genie Academy is warm and welcoming, making learning enjoyable, especially in subjects like math. They use various interactive tools to keep lessons engaging, aiming to build a positive attitude towards learning among students. This personalized approach and supportive atmosphere make Genie Academy a place where students can succeed academically.

  • Price: Plans range from $169-$219 monthly
  • Grades and levels taught: Pre-K to 9th grade


  • Best Tutors: Genie Academy employs the most qualified tutors in the industry, ensuring an exceptional learning experience.
  • Most Reviews: They have the highest number of positive reviews, reflecting unparalleled satisfaction.
  • Free assessment offered: Genie Academy provides a professional complimentary evaluation for the kids to understand their needs.
  • Inexpensive rates: Their services are competitively priced, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.
  • Offers flexible scheduling options: Genie Academy provides flexible scheduling options to adjust a busy lifestyle, making it easy to fit learning into any schedule.
  • Best Curriculum. Aligned with State of NJ SLS standards: Their lessons are among the best and meet New Jersey school standards, allowing kids to learn exactly what they need.


  • Tutoring isn’t necessarily one-on-one

Reviews: Great results and wonderful teachers. We are truly impressed by the progress of our child. Result-oriented comes at the level of our child and then teaches her very efficiently. Impressive communication and teaching with very good results.” - Muhammad Yusuf


Pals Learning Center

PALS Learning Center

PALS North Edison stands out in New Jersey as a premier math tutoring center, where personalized learning is at the heart of its educational philosophy. Since every child has different needs, the curriculum is tailored to guarantee deep understanding and retention of math concepts beyond textbook learning. The center's welcoming and curiosity-driven environment creates a genuine passion for math, while its track record of success is reflected in significant academic improvements and positive parent feedback.

  • Price: Ranging from $200 to $350 monthly
  • Grades and levels taught: K-12, with a range of programs from elementary to high school


  • The program adopts a personalized learning approach to cater to the unique needs of each student.
  • It ensures alignment with Common Core standards to provide a structured and comprehensive educational experience.
  • Growth-measured assessments track students' progress effectively, ensuring personalized adjustments and improvements.


  • Tutor qualifications vary widely, accommodating diverse learning preferences.
  • Tutoring services are offered at premium rates. 

Reviews: “PALS Learning Centers is truly awesome. They have the best Math & English Writing programs with 1:1 support when needed that helped transform the entire learning process for my two children. The teachers are always willing to put the extra effort to make sure my children were truly learning the concepts.” - Indra R.

C2 EducationC2 Education

C2 Education offers different tutoring services, including math, with a deep emphasis on preparing students for academic success. Their experienced math tutors work closely with students to enhance their problem-solving skills. C2 Education specializes in personalized tutoring, test preparation, and college admissions counseling for students. Their programs are designed to help students achieve academic success, improve test scores, and navigate the application process. With options for in-person and online learning, C2 Education personalizes its approach to meet the unique needs of each student, focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Price: Range from $75 to $100 per hour
  • Grades and levels taught: Elementary, Middle, and High school students


  • Personalized tutoring is tailored to meet the individual learning needs of each student.
  • The curriculum includes a wide variety of subjects, encompassing advanced math.
  • The tutors are highly qualified and bring much experience to their teaching roles.


  • Expensive rates for tutoring services

Reviews: We are very pleased with my child's improvement in academics with their help. There are quite a few tutoring/testing centers in our neighborhood, but we chose this center mainly because of its staff. They are friendly, professional, and flexible in terms of scheduling and changes in class. We would recommend this to others.

The Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is a leading force in the tutoring market, offering comprehensive services, including homework help and test preparation. With a bold "better grades guaranteed" promise, the organization allows students to submit questions online, access a free introductory session, and choose between subscription models or one-off tutoring packages. This approach allows for personalized educational support that meets students' diverse needs.

You can cancel anytime, and if you've engaged in tutoring for at least two hours a month over three consecutive months, The Princeton Review offers a money-back guarantee on improved grades. This shows their commitment to academic success and customer satisfaction.

  • Price: Plans range from including $40/hour to $1,450/6 months
  • Grades and levels taught: K-8, 9-12, graduate, professional


  • They offer access to a large pool of tutors available 24/7 to accommodate any schedule.
  • Better grades are guaranteed, or they will refund your money, ensuring satisfaction with their services.
  • You can change and cancel plans anytime, providing convenience and peace of mind.


  • Tutor qualifications vary widely.
  • Users are responsible for finding their tutors.

Reviews: “The program's material, exercises & instructors provide an effective range of skills, knowledge, and experience to aid in various forms of testing and academic evaluation.” - Finn Doran


Aloha Learning CenterALOHA

ALOHA Learning Center offers specialized online math classes for children, transitioning its teacher-led, in-person teaching to an engaging virtual format to ensure continuous learning from home. The programs are designed to enhance fundamental math skills and boost students' confidence through fun and interactive sessions. ALOHA's commitment to personalized, interactive instruction allows kids to enjoy access to their dedicated teachers and maintain their academic progress. It is a compelling choice for parents seeking to support their child's math education in a nurturing and effective online environment.

  • Price: Monthly tuition is approximately $164
  • Grades and levels taught: Preschool through elementary school.


  • They utilize innovative teaching methods to improve the learning experience.
  • Each student receives individualized attention to their unique learning needs.
  • Different courses are offered, covering diverse subjects and levels.


  • In-person classes are limited to specific areas.
  • Programs might be specific to certain levels or subjects
  • Offers programs only for kids aged 3 to 12.

Reviews: “We highly recommend Aloha Mind Math. This program makes the kids understand the concepts and opens their minds to critical thinking at a young age. Aloha teaches kids the process of how to get the right answers instead of memorizing equations or math exercises for the sake of passing a level, like other popular math programs teach kids to do.” - Brett A.

Honors Review Learning Center

Honors Review Learning Center

4Honors emphasizes enriched learning, encouraging critical thinking and academic excellence through its curriculum, designed for students' academic journeys. They offer various academic programs for students to improve test scores, prepare for college, or enhance their performance. They provide SAT prep, subject test prep, specialized high school entrance exam prep, and English, math, and science enrichment programs. Classrooms are interactive and engaging, fostering a passion for knowledge and active participation.

  • Price: Monthly fees typically range from $300 to $450
  • Grades and levels taught: Elementary, Middle, and High school students


  • They provide comprehensive test preparation to ensure students are ready for their exams.
  • Individualized attention is given to each student, focusing on their learning needs.
  • Various courses are offered for different interests and academic levels.


  • In-person classes are limited to specific areas.
  • Expensive rates for tutoring services.

Reviews: “Honors courses are good if you have the brainpower and background and study habits needed to handle them and perform well.” - Kent Aldershof


SB Education

SB Education

SB Education in New Jersey is distinguished by its commitment to providing students with a comprehensive educational experience, focusing on math, sciences, and SAT prep. They emphasize the importance of a solid academic foundation, integrating personalized learning strategies to meet individual student needs. With a mission to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, SB Education prepares students to pursue their academic and career goals confidently. This approach enhances subject knowledge and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Price: Range from $300 to $500 monthly
  • Grades and levels taught: Elementary, Middle, and High school students


  • They offer a wide range of programs suitable for learners of all ages, ensuring educational opportunities for everyone.
  • Specialized programs are available for high school, elementary, and middle school students to meet the educational needs of these distinct age groups.


  • The availability of classes may vary depending on the time of year and demand.
  • Costs could be a consideration, as fees for these programs vary based on the level and subject matter.
  • Programs might be specific to certain levels or subjects.

Reviews: “Great teachers want to help students to improve their academic performance.  Individual attention is given to the student to customize the program.  This wonderful learning environment makes SB Education a very special place for students to learn and grow.” - Jay Ohm.

Benefits of Math Tutoring Services

Regarding nurturing mathematical skills, we recognize the importance of personal attention in learning. Math tutoring services in New Jersey provide students with several advantages:

Individualized Learning Plans: Tutors assess a student's strengths and weaknesses, tailoring their approach to the individual needs of the pupil.

Boosted Confidence: As students master new concepts, their confidence in their math abilities increases. This often leads to better performance in the classroom.

Flexible Scheduling: Math tutoring can often accommodate busy family schedules, making fitting extracurricular activities and homework easier.

Homework Help: Tutors can assist with specific assignments, ensuring students understand the material and are prepared for upcoming tests.

Here are some specific ways tutoring can enhance a student's math skills:


How Tutoring Helps

Conceptual Clarity

Breaks down complex topics into understandable parts

Learning Environment

Offers a distraction-free space focused on math

Test Preparation

Provides strategies for tackling various question types

How to Find the Right Math Tutor for Your Kid Needs

When seeking math tutoring in New Jersey, people prioritize their children's unique learning styles and needs. Look for a math tutor who can boost your child's confidence and math skills. A personalized approach is crucial, as every child has distinct strengths and challenges.

  • Begin by assessing your child's specific needs. Does your child require help with basic arithmetic, advanced calculus, or something else? Identifying this will guide you to the most suitable tutor. Ensure the tutor has relevant experience and can cater to your child's level. The tutor must understand New Jersey state curriculum standards to help align their instruction with what is expected in school.
  • Choose a tutor who communicates effectively and makes math relatable. The right tutor will teach math, engage your child's interest, and make learning enjoyable. Consider feedback from other parents and students to gauge a tutor’s success.
  • Check qualifications and track records. A good math tutor should have a strong math background and a proven record of helping students improve. They should be able to provide references or testimonials from past clients.

Remember, the right math tutor should empower your child to achieve their full potential in math—you’ll know you’ve made the right choice when you see your child’s math abilities and confidence flourish.

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