Five Ways to Help Your Child With Their Homework

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on September 14, 2020


    For children, homework can be a daily battle. Homework helps reinforce what your child learns in school while also helping them learn to be more independent. It can be hard to determine how involved you should be especially during a time where more work is being done at home. Parents can help their child stay on top of their homework by planning with them and finding ways to motivate them. 

    Here are five ways to help your child with their homework: 

    Stay Organized

    You can help your child stay on top of their homework by helping them stay organized. Ask your child about their tests and assignments and make a checklist of what they need to do. Organize the due dates of their homework and work with your child on a plan to tackle their homework. 

    Stick to a Schedule

    Work with your child to schedule regular study times. Try out different times in the day to see what works best for them. Some children work better in the afternoons while others work better at night. Once your child gets into the routine of doing their homework, they will know what to expect heading into each day. 

    For larger homework assignments, you can help by discussing how your child can break up the work. As your child adjusts to their schedule, they will learn ways to better manage their time. 

    Set Expectations

    After working with your child to make a schedule, you can set expectations for them. Set the ground rules for homework/study time and be there to make sure your child sticks with it. This will also help your child become more independent with their homework as they hold themselves more accountable for finishing their work. 

    Minimize Distractions

    You should set your child up in an area with minimal noise and distractions. A dedicated workspace can help them stay focused while they are doing work. Keep the technology to a minimum and make sure your child is working in an area with all their school supplies handy. 

    Talk to Their Teacher

    By maintaining communication with your child’s teachers, you can learn what they’re looking for and figure out how you should be involved. When your child is struggling, you can discuss with the teacher and work to find ways to address your child’s weaknesses. 

    Homework can be a challenge for both parents and children but with these tips, you can help keep your child focused and motivated to finish their work. If you're still having trouble, consider signing your child up for Genie Academy. Our teachers have helped hundreds of students stay focused and motivated in school. Try a free class and see for yourself.

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