Has Your Child met the 3rd Grade English Common Core Standards?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 29, 2019

    has your student mastered 3rd grade ELA?Having completed 3rd grade, your child has officially made it halfway through their elementary years, and they are ready to learn more complex skills in 4th grade… or are they? It can be hard to know whether your child is on track for meeting the Common Core Standards and learning everything they are supposed to learn. Here is where you can find out some of the main skills your child should possess by the end of 3rd grade and as always, if you have any concerns or questions about your child’s progress, talk to their  teacher.

    3rd Grade English Language Arts Standards

    As students transition into the second half of their elementary years, teachers begin to step back and students really get a chance to shine and show off the following skills.

    • Answer questions about and form opinions on texts

      • For example, your child should be able to explain why a character made a certain choice, and will be able to talk about their thoughts on that choice.

    • Begin to understand the difference between literal and figurative language

      • For example, your child should be able to identify and understand a metaphor.

    • Make connections and use transitions when writing

      • For example, your child should connect two thoughts by using the phrase “for example” between the thoughts.

    • Understand text and information presented orally

      • For example, your child should be able to determine the main idea of a book that was read aloud to them.

    How Will These Skills Be Used in 4th Grade?

    In 4th grade, students will continue to build on these skills, and the teacher will probably not spend much time (if any) reviewing these skills. When your child gets to 4th grade, they will officially be in the upper elementary grades, and will continue to be given more independence from their teacher. Because of this, it’s essential that your child comes into 4th grade with strong skills. If your child is struggling, they need to be able to speak up for themselves and ask the teacher for extra help.

    How Can Parents Help?

    As your child transitions from 3rd to 4th grade, remind them that they need to start taking more responsibility for their learning at school, and to not be afraid to ask for help. You can help your child have a strong foundation when entering 4th grade by practicing the skills he learned in 3rd grade. You can also enroll your child in the Reading Genie program. This way, your child can get attention from a trained professional who will be able to tell you if your child is struggling or falling behind. They can also help your child develop strategies to strengthen any weak areas of knowledge, so they are more equipped to handle 4th grade. This can take a lot of pressure off of both you and your child.


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