Has Your Child Met the 3rd Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on May 17, 2019

    is your child ready for fourth grade?Parents have a lot of worries when it comes to ensuring their child is brought up right. Do they know how to share? Can they make friends? Are they doing well in school? How do you know if your child is getting a good education? As a parent, how can you ensure your child is meeting their third grade Common Core standards?

    Common Core Standards for Third Grade

    Every grade has different standards set by the Common Core to ensure that they are building upon skills taught in previous grades and preparing students for the skills they're going to learn in subsequent grades. If your child is in third grade, here are the math skills they should be learning. Students should:

    • Multiplication and Division: Your child should be able to multiply and divide within 100, utilizing increasingly sophisticated strategies to solve single-digit multiplication and division problems. They should understand the relationship between multiplication and division
    • Fractions: Your child should develop an understanding of fractions, starting with an understanding of fractions as parts of a whole. They should understand how to work fractions using equal numerators and denominators and be able to compare fractions to identify their size in relation to each other.
    • Area and Perimeter: Your child should recognize area as a quality of two-dimensional shapes and learn to calculate the area of a shape using the measurements of its sides. Students should also be able to compare different shapes based on the number of sides and angles.

    Third-grade students should be enhancing their skills in critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving past what they learned in previous grades.

    How Will Third Grade Common Core Skills Be Built Upon in Fourth Grade?

    A mastery of third grade Common Core skills is essential before moving on to the fourth grade. In fourth grade, your child will be expected to understand place value up to 1 million and expand to more complex multi-digit multiplication and division. They will also learn how to add, subtract, and multiply using fractions and expand their knowledge of shapes and geometry.

    What Happens If Your Child Fails to Meet Common Core Standards?

    If a child fails to meet Common Core standards, they can be put at risk for failing a class or being held back a grade. If they move forward, they may struggle in their following math classes, as math skills often build upon what children learn in previous grades.

    If your child is struggling to meet 3rd grade math Common Core standards, reach out to Math Genie, an after-school education program designed to give your child the strong foundational skills they need in order to excel in school. 

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