Learn How You Can Increase Your Child's Motivation

    Posted by Christine Frederick on October 06, 2016

    Learn-How-You-Can-Increase-Your-Childs-Motivation      Motivation can be a difficult topic to focus on when dealing with children who are not self-motivated. Some children are naturally more motivated than others and parents struggle to cope with understanding how to increase motivation in a child. A parent cannot force a child to be motivated, it comes from within but there are many ways you can inspire children to motivate themselves. Inspiring a child to motivate themselves is critical but how can this be done one might ask?

          To begin, keeping your anxiety of them not being motivated out of the picture is essential. Allowing your child to see that you are anxious will have the opposite effect of motivating them. It may have a result of pushing them in the opposite direction. As a result, arguments may arise and children then begin to resent their parents.

          Inspiring your children is the next important idea to motive them. Instead of constantly pushing them to do things that you want them to do such as homework, find things around the house that inspire them. What do I mean by inspire? I use this term by saying that you should make your children decide on their own what they want to do to be motivated by influencing good behavior and everything on them. Self-motivating themselves by talking about how completing things will benefit them, this will be a key to inspiring them.

          Instead of forcing your children to do the things you ask and other things such as schoolwork, allow them to make these decisions on their own and live with the consequences. For example, if they decide to not do their homework one day, make a consequence taking something away he or she likes. This will teach them that if they do not do something there will be a bad result because of it. The motivation coming from this type of tactic is the child will learn the positive result of doing something productive.

          As a parent, you should understand how your child is thinking and what his overall motivation is. Understand what your child really wants, be able to ask questions that are going to help him or her investigate the interest he has. Make sure even from a young age what his ambitions are and if they have any goals set.

          Decide the approach you want to take when raising your children. There are two major approaches to raising your children. First, in order to get kids motivated, you can push them with things such a begging, bribing, and rewarding them. Another tactic wants your children to be self-motivated. Allow them to do those things on their own and when they do not complete things as questions in relation to why things were not done.

          The main concept to understand is that is it not your fault as a parent if you have children that are not motivated. You cannot force an unmotivated child to become motivated by yelling and screaming. Simply doing that will do the opposite of motivating them.



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