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Understanding New Jersey's Kindergarten Math Standards

Preparing your child for kindergarten? Here's a look at New Jersey's kindergarten math standards to better support them in school.

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At What Age Should Your Child Master Number Writing & Recognition?

Number writing is a crucial milestone for early academic success. Find out when this skill starts developing so you can optimize your child's growth.

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What does math do for a child's brain?

It's well known that math is like exercise for the brain, but what exactly does that exercise do for kids? Read to find out more!

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Is Your Child Behind in School?

Sometimes it's difficult to tell when a child is struggling academically, but there are always signs. Find out what to keep an eye out for with your child!

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Why poor math skills lead to a poor life...

Teachers are always asked if the math they teach can be used in real life. Find out what could happen in the life of someone without any math skills!

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How math standards are getting lower...

The math goals set for our children are changing, and not for the better. Find out why these changes are happening, and what problems can arise from them.

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48 Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Fourth Grade

Here is a checklist of important concepts your child needs to know before entering the fourth grade!

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43 Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Third Grade

The third grade brings complex problems and a lot of learning. Math Genie’s blog on third-grade expectations and how children can do better in class!

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45 Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Second Grade

Gear up for second grade, a crucial step for applying knowledge. Genie Academy ensures your child has a solid foundation for their future growth.

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Common Problem Areas in Sixth Grade

Address the challenges faced by 6th graders, test anxiety and social issues. Find tips on how parents can help their kids through these transitional times

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