New Jersey Kindergarten Math Standards

    Understanding New Jersey's Kindergarten Math Standards

    Preparing your child for kindergarten? Here's a look at New Jersey's kindergarten math standards to better support them in school.

    How Abacus Math Helps With Neuroplasticity

    How Abacus Math Helps With Neuroplasticity

    How powerful is the abacus for your child’s brain? Journey through international research & discover unexpected ways Abacus Math helps with neuroplasticity

    When should your child master number writing

    At What Age Should Your Child Master Number Writing & Recognition?

    Number writing is a crucial milestone for early academic success. Find out when this skill starts developing so you can optimize your child's growth.

    For your child's perfect score on PSAT & SAT, Join Genie Academy

    Math Genie alumni credits Math Genie and the abacus for her success on PSAT & SAT. Takes College level Calculus courses in High School. Skips Algebra 2

    Abacus Mental Math Improves Your Child EQ

    How Abacus Mental Math Improves Your Child's EQ

    Want to improve your child’s EQ along with their IQ? Discover the benefits of Abacus Mental Math for their emotional quotient and set them up for success.

    How Abacus Math helped me get into MIT

    How Abacus Math Helped Me Get Into MIT

    How can abacus mental math help your child excel? An MIT student shares how it helped her enter the most prestigious engineering school in the world.

    Study habits of MIT Students.

    7 Effective Study Habits Your Child Can Learn from MIT Students

    Is your child behind in school? Follow these 7 effective study habits of MIT students to boost your child’s learning potential. With a FREE live assessment.

    Girl eating watermelon

    Are Brain Foods Real?

    Is the myth of brain food actually a myth? Find out how nutrition impacts your child's learning and focus, and what brain foods they can snack on at school!

    Test Scores are Declining during Covid - Here's What You Can Do

    Newark has released standardized test scores, and the results are not encouraging. What other school districts have refused to release similar results?

    Is your child suffering from Covid Learning Loss. How to fix it?

    Due to Covid learning loss students will lose $17 Trillion in lifetime earning loss. They are 2-3 Grade Levels behind and have lost 10-20 IQ points.

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