The Danger of Computer Illiteracy in an Increasingly Digital World

    Posted by Staff Writer on July 28, 2018

    The Danger of Computer Illiteracy in an Increasingly Digital WorldTwenty years ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago, technology did not have the all-encompassing grasp on society that it has today. Since the advent of computers and the internet, humans have become increasingly dependent on computers, and computers have become more and more immersed in our day-to-day lives. In a world that's increasingly integrating with technology, how do you or your children develop the necessary computer skills to stay ahead?

    What is Computer Literacy?

    Computer literacy is the basic understanding of how to operate computers and similar technology, such as tablets and smartphones. Many people, especially those who didn't grow up immersed in technology, have trouble understanding the systems necessary for computer literacy. Though not always obvious to people with an intuitive understanding of how to use computers, computer usage requires problem-solving skills, the ability to process text and symbols, and the development of various technical and cognitive skills.

    The Importance of Computer Literacy

    There was once a time when computer skills were an optional skill set. Now computer literacy is a mandatory skill for success in school, the job force, and everyday life. How can computer illiteracy affect you and your children in different aspects of your careers and lifestyle?

    Computer Illiteracy in School

    Though modern children are often considered to be "digital natives," certain familial norms and socioeconomic factors can affect a child's ability to learn age-appropriate computer literacy. Laptops and tablets are increasingly used in schools, and computer skills are becoming more and more of an educational necessity among K–12 students, reflecting their necessity in the world beyond school.

    Students who do not learn age-appropriate computer skills such as typing, online research, and discerning internet usage can fall behind in their classes and struggle to maintain their grades. Such difficulties can even continue on into adulthood.

    Computer Illiteracy in the Workforce

    Computers have streamlined almost every aspect of the workday for employees and companies all across the globe, making computer literacy an essential skill at every point in getting hired for and working with a job.

    More often than not, companies looking to fill job positions require online résumé submissions by prospective applicants. Companies are also more likely to hire computer literate applicants, as these candidates take less time to train and are more efficient at their jobs.

    How to Determine if You Are Computer Literate

    There are many levels of computer literacy, ranging from basic computer usage to advanced programming, and you may not realize that you or your child have fallen behind. To ensure you and your child have a grasp of basic computer literacy, ensure you are capable of the following:

    • Turning a computer on and off;
    • Using an operating system;
    • Operating software applications
    • Using the internet; and
    • Navigating a computer using menus and search functionality.
    If you or your child struggle with any of these skills, it's important to rectify the issue before they heavily impact grades or job performance. Consider reaching out to the Genie Academy team to ensure your child can excel in the classroom—real or virtual.

    How to Improve Computer Literacy

    If your child is struggling with computer literacy, it's never too late to get ahead. Have you tried Genie Academy? Genie Academy is a hands-on weekly program for children to study math, reading, and coding, giving them specialized instruction on overcoming basic computer illiteracy and teaching them the skills to learn code and programming. Sign up now to get your child on the path to computer-driven success today!

    Genie Academy provides a range of after-school educational programs, including mathematics, reading, writing, and coding. These programs are accessible in several locations across New Jersey, including Plainsboro, and are specifically developed for students from Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade.



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