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    all the math of the 4th grade

    Has Your Child Met the 4th Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Did your child perform well in math this year? Fourth grade can be a very tricky year for many students. The Common Core standards increase and the math gets more complex. Find out if your child has met all of the fourth grade Common Core math standards and what to do if they haven't.

    is your child ready for fourth grade?

    Has Your Child Met the 3rd Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Did your child learn everything from third grade math? They have to know complex mathematical relationships. Let Math Genie help your child prepare for next year.

    The PARCC is being phased out sooner than we thought

    Standardized Testing & Graduation: From HSPA to NJSLA

    The questions and concerns surrounding PARCC might finally be coming to a close. New developments say that PARCC will no longer be a graduation requirement for high school students. We are all eager to see what will happen next. Click here to learn more.


    All About Fractions (Part 1)

    "For a 5th Grader, fractions can be scarier than the bogeyman! However, Math Genie will break complex problems into simple ideas, making them easier to understand. "


    NJ Mathematics SLS for Grade 5

    The New Jersey Department of Education brings new learning standards for fifth grade. However, Math Genie provides a simpler explanation!


    NJ Mathematics SLS for Grade 4

    New Jersey Department of education standard made changes to 4th Grade Mathematics. Read the simplified Math Genie’s guide to fourth Grade!


    NJ English Language Arts SLS for Grade 5

    A report on New Jersey English Language Arts State Learning Standard for Grade 5 is published. Read Math Genie’s Grade 5 report for a better understanding.


    NJ English Language Arts SLS for Grade 4

    New Jersey Department Of Education released the learning standard for Grade 4 English Language Arts. Read Math Genie’s easy version of the Grade 4 guide.

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