Posts about Gender Stereotypes

U.S. Students' Success in STEM Depend on Advanced Math Skills

As the world globalizes, STEM job demand rises, but U.S. students, particularly minorities, struggle to meet STEM requirements. Click here to learn more!

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Girls and Computers: Exploring the Gender Gap in the Tech World

Explore the gender gap in the tech world, its early origins and ways to encourage girls to engage with technology and computer sciences from a young age

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Why You Need to Encourage Your Daughter to Pursue Math and Science

Discover why it's crucial to encourage girls in STEM fields, how to combat stereotypes in math and science, and the importance of practice.

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Does Gender Really Impact Thinking?

For years, women have been seen as more emotional & creative, while men more logical & risky. Boys vs. girls: whose got the better side of the brain?

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