Posts about Gender Studies

    U.S. Students' Success in STEM Depend on Advanced Math Skills

    As the world globalizes, the demand for STEM jobs is growing, but U.S. students are struggling to keep up with STEM requirements, especially across minorities.

    understanding the gender gap in computers and STEM

    Girls and Computers: Exploring the Gender Gap in the Tech World

    The gender gap in computer and technology programs is nothing new. But what are the big factors that make this gap seem impossible to close? With these gender studies we can better understand the gender stereotypes surrounding young girls and boys and how they are represented in the STEM community.

    She is Just as good as He is

    Why You Need to Encourage Your Daughter to Pursue Math and Science

    There is no denying the gender gap in STEM. But why is that we have an alarmingly small number of female scientist, mathematicians, and doctors? Here is why and how you should encourage your daughters, nieces and young girls to pursue math and science. Don't let the gender bias stop your daughter.

    Does Gender Really Impact Thinking?

    For years, women have been seen as more emotional & creative, while men more logical & risky. Boys vs. girls: whose got the better side of the brain?

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