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    is your child ready for middle school

    Has Your Child Met the 5th Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Is your child ready for middle school math? Ensure a smooth transition by checking if they've mastered essential 5th-grade skills. Find out now!

    where is common core in the classroom?

    Are Math Standards Pulling Away from Common Core?

    Explore the growing divergence of math teachers from Common Core standards and understand its implications for student education and teacher alignment.

    make math fun in middle school

    Make Math Fun in Middle School

    Math anxiety can really start to become destructive in the middle school years. For a number of different reasons, middle school students have forgotten that math can be fun. It could be the increased challenge or decreased confidence of more complex math but we can still make math fun at any age.

    prepare your child now for college

    How to Prepare for College in Middle School

    Start your child on the path to college success! Identify their interests and develop them. Learn strategies to help your child succeed academically.

    importance of reading comprehension in high school

    Importance of Reading Comprehension in High School

    When it comes to reading comprehension, you child will never stop learning. From elementary school to middle school to high school, reading comprehension is a vital part of your child's academic success. It is important to understand the new standards for reading comprehension in high school.

    learn the importance of reading comprehension

    Reading Comprehension in Middle School

    Reading comprehension is paramount for every student. It's crucial to master basic reading comprehension skills early so your child does not fall behind later. However, reading comprehension doesn't go away after elementary school. Reading comprehension becomes more in depth as your child advances.

    how do you improve reading comprehension in middle school

    How to Increase Reading Comprehension for all Ages

    Encourage your kid to start incorporating reading and writing practice into their routine to improve confidence and communication skills. Learn more!

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