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Avoid Whole Language Learning

While looking for ways to help your kid read, whole language learning has probably been suggested But this can actually hurt your kid's reading development

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Why your child needs phonics to learn how to spell

By learning phonics, your child can begin recognizing spelling patterns in the sounds of words. This will help them become a more accurate speller.

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Help, My Child Can't Comprehend New Words!

Help your child improve their reading comprehension by teaching them to build their vocabulary through a daily reading practice

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Reading Scores on National Exam Decline

Reading Scores Decline fourth eighth National Assessment Education Progress USA United States English Comprehension Phonics Digraphs Dipthongs Genie NAEP

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What Sound Does the Letter B Make?

Does your child have a firm grasp on phonics? Many kids trip when putting sounds to letters. Genie Academy will help your kid have a firm grasp on phonics!

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Why Should You Teach Your Child Phonics

Teaching phonics to your kid is difficult but it's essential for reading comprehension. Often kids read by memorization and don't understand the phonetics.

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Why Teaching Phonics is So Hard

Phonics shapes reading and writing skills, preventing literacy issues. Teaching phonics can be challenging due to English rules and exceptions.

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How Phonics Impacts Your Child's Reading and Writing Skills

Starting with letters? Phonics is key! Mastering phonics is vital for strong reading and writing skills. Learn more about its importance for your child!

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Phonics: It's Critical to Your Child's Academic Success

Explore the importance of phonics in your child's academic journey. Understand how phonics underpins reading skills and language development.

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