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    sixteen-eighths minus 3 eighths = 13 eighths

    All About Fractions (Part 2)

    A brief introduction to mixed fractions and improper fractions. Includes pictorial representations and example problems


    How Standardized Testing Hurts Teachers

    Is standardized testing really for the best? All of the benefits standardized tests like PARCC are supposed to bring might actually be backfiring because of how it is implemented. As a way of measuring student achievement, PARCC and other tests might be contributing to student failure.

    how do standardized tests affect students?

    How Standardized Tests Affect Student Performance

    There has been a lot of debate about standardized testing lately. How does it help or hurt student achievement or does it really lead to test anxiety? Here is a list of pros and cons about standardized testing that every student and parent should know.

    student success starts now

    How to Get Your Student into the National Honor Society

    Parents can help their elementary school students get into college now. A big marker of student achievement that many college admissions notice is membership in the National Honor Society. Working to get into the NHS can start as early as elementary school. Find out how to help your student now.

    The PARCC is being phased out sooner than we thought

    Standardized Testing & Graduation: From HSPA to NJSLA

    The questions and concerns surrounding PARCC might finally be coming to a close. New developments say that PARCC will no longer be a graduation requirement for high school students. We are all eager to see what will happen next. Click here to learn more.

    college readiness in elementary school

    College and Career Readiness in Elementary School

    Elementary school is not too early to start thinking about college. Simple activities like talking about different careers and visiting a college community day has a big impact on long term student achievement. Learn more about how to make sure your child has the necessary college readiness skills.

    prepare your child now for college

    How to Prepare for College in Middle School

    When should you start preparing your child for college? Middle school is an excellent time to start the college process. You can start with finding your child's interests and focusing on them. Find out how to prepare your child for academic success and student achievement while they are young.


    The Negative Impact of Standardized Testing on Students and Scores

    Standardized testing comes built into nearly every American school system. But just because every student takes these test doesn't mean it has to be the center of education. Recent studies show that too much emphasis on standardized tests increases test anxiety and cripples student achievement.

    Aarush Writing Conest Winner

    Fifth Grade Writing Champion: Aarush

    Maybe technology is not as beneficial as people think. Are we really moving further apart from each other because of all of our technology? Aarush thinks so.

    Grishmaa Writing Contest Winner

    Fourth Grade Writing Champion: Grishmaa

    Celebrate Grishmaa's achievement as a fourth-grade writing champion at Genie Academy. Read her delightful insights on the joys of having siblings.

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