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    Child studying during coronavirus

    Effective habits for your child during the Coronavirus pandemic

    It is important for your child to maintain effective habits during the coronavirus shutdown. Learn about ways you can shape good behavior in your child.

    Importance of Reading Comprehension

    Reading comprehension is a crucial skill. It increases the enjoyment & effectiveness of reading & helps academically, personally, and professionally.

    Boy and girl reading at night

    Teach Empathy to Your Child Through Story Characters

    As a parent, you want your child to learn empathy. Books can be an excellent tool to develop the skill and practice of empathetic living!

    Grandmother and granddaughter reading in bed for reading comprehension

    Help, My Child Can't Comprehend New Words!

    Help your child improve their reading comprehension by teaching them to build their vocabulary through a daily reading practice

    Kid Reading The Classics

    Should We Encourage Kids to Read The Classics?

    Should we encourage children to read classics or just let them read what interests them? Why not both?

    keep your child engaged in school

    How Do I Improve My Child's Reading Comprehension?

    Make summer count for your child! This is the best time to enhance their reading comprehension and prevent the summer slide. Click here to learn more!


    What is the Summer Slide?

    Did your child fall behind last year because of the summer slide? The summer slide is when students fall behind their academics.

    Summer at Math Genie

    Coming Soon, Summer Workshops!

    Check out all the fun that is going on at Math Genie this summer! Make sure your child does not miss out!

    Summer Learning

    What is the Summer Learning Loss and Why Should You Care?

    Summer learning loss can impact your child. This loss could put your child a year and a half behind by the time they enter high school. Learn more here!


    Does Summer mean Time off from Learning? Never!

    Children lose about 1-2 months worth of skills in math&reading in the summer. Learn how to combat summer learning loss after that final bell rings!

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