Effective habits for your child during the Coronavirus pandemic

Posted by Anthony Yoo on May 19, 2020


The lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced children to adjust to life at home. School closures have forced your child to adjust to an entirely new routine so it is important to ensure that they continue practicing effective habits. For parents, it has become more important than ever to shape good behavior in their kids during a time when their lives have lost a lot of structure. Online classes with Genie Academy can be a great way to supplement some of these effective habits for navigating the pandemic.

Staying Healthy

By modeling good behavior such as social distancing and proper hygiene, you can show your child healthy habits for navigating this pandemic. In addition to these behaviors, you should also encourage exercise when possible to help your child release pent up energy. Combined with a healthy diet and good sleeping habits, exercise can help your child maintain a healthy immune system. 

Setting a routine

Setting a routine can help restore a feeling of regularity that your child is used to from going to school. By setting consistent times for activities such as studying, exercising, and eating, your child will feel a greater sense of control over their life. A consistent routine can help schedule your child’s time and keep them motivated during a challenging time. 

Staying connected

The school closures have made it difficult for your child to stay social. It is important to find ways to encourage interaction virtually through video chat services such as Google Meet, Zoom, or FaceTime. As a parent, you can find creative ways to help your child stay connected through virtual playdates or activities such as virtual movie nights. By staying connected, your child can keep in touch with friends and family. 

Encouraging good study habits 

Heading into the next school year, your child will need to maintain good study habits in order to feel prepared for the new year. The early school closures have increased the potential impact of a summer slide in learning so it’s become even more important to keep your child on track academically. By paying attention to your child’s study habits, you can make sure that your child stays focused and motivated.

Effective habits can help us through these difficult times. By enrolling in classes at Genie Academy, your child will have a learning routine and connect with other children interested in learning. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, your child will be best equipped to stay productive during the lockdown.

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