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Genie Academy Helping Students For Study During Covid-19

Learning loss due to the COVID slide is projected to be greater than the summer slide because traditional learning ended much earlier than normal.

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How did your child fare with remote learning?

With the sudden shift to remote learning, students are suffering from learning losses now referred to as the COVID slide. See how Math Genie students fared

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Learn how your child can beat the Coronavirus school shutdown

School closures due to the coronavirus put your child at risk of falling behind. Learn how Math Genie can keep your child learning during uncertain times.

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Effective habits for your child during the Coronavirus pandemic

It is important for your child to maintain effective habits during the coronavirus shutdown. Learn about ways you can shape good behavior in your child.

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5 Ways to Make the Most of the Rest of Summer

Discover creative ways to keep your kids engaged and learning during the latter half of summer with fun, memorable activities. Here are some tips.

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3 Easy Ways to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Math this Summer

Discover fun and engaging ways to inspire your kids to love math this summer with practical tips and activities. Help your children love math.

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Learn a New Skill this Summer - Learn to Code!

Start summer by enrolling your kid in a coding workshop. Discover how coding fosters critical thinking and focus, offering a balance of education and fun.

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What is the Summer Slide?

Did your child fall behind last year because of the summer slide? The summer slide is when students fall behind their academics.

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Coming Soon, Summer Workshops!

Check out all the fun that is going on at Math Genie this summer! Make sure your child does not miss out!

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Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead this Summer

Do you know how to make sure your child gets the most of this summer? Don't miss out on giving your child the best enrichment as possible

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