Learn a New Skill this Summer - Learn to Code!

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 11, 2019

    summer learning fun with iCode GenieSummer is in the air, and that means children are beginning their longest vacation of the year. Vacations, day cares, and time home with families abound, and many children cherish the freedom summertime brings after a long several months in school.

    However, loss in skill and focus are common issues children have in the summer, especially if there is a lack of structure in their day. When they return to school, it's harder for them to settle back in, and they may not clearly remember what was learned in the previous grade. How can you offset this effect? By enrolling your child in a summer educational program, you can set your child apart from their peers and provide them with an enriching—but still fun—summer vacation.

    Why is it Important for Children to Learn New Skills Over the Summer?

    Children often look forward to summer as a period of rest and relaxation, a "freedom" from school. However, in the summer, children may to start to lose their ability to focus in a classroom and learn new material. Being away from school can cause them to forget some of what they've learned the previous year.

    When children take even a few summer classes, their ability to focus and sit still will be maintained through the break, and they'll have a balance of relaxation and education in their summer to keep their minds sharp.

    Why is Coding a Good Skill for Kids to Learn?

    Once you decide on enrolling your child to a summer learning program, the next step is to figure out what they should learn. Unless your child is struggling in one of the classes taught in school, they may benefit more from learning a new skill or learning a skill they can't learn in school. To this end, coding is a great summer skill for kids to pick up, as it isn't likely to be taught in schools until a higher grade level. Coding is accessible to children of all ages, and it can help children develop logical reasoning, critical thinking skills, and provide them with the foundation for a skill that will serve them well in this increasingly tech-oriented job market.

    How Can Coding Workshops Keep Kids Happy But Still Enjoying Summer?

    If you're looking for a summer learning program for your child, it's important to pick one they'll actually enjoy. Long grueling days will leave them with little time to enjoy summer vacation, and they may become resentful of the course.

    The summer coding workshops with Math Genie are designed to help your child balance fun and play by offering short sessions for children in 3rd grade to 7th grade, divided between junior coders and senior coders. These lessons will be taught in hour-and-a-half class periods and the choice of two different sessions: July 8 through August 1 and August 5 through August 29.

    Sign up now and ensure your child gets an enriching summer vacation that puts them ahead in school and in life.


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